Jul 04

D-Link’s DSL-2890AL has been out since last year, but somehow it’s managed to miss inclusion in the round-ups and reviews we’ve done in APC since. We therefore took the opportunity of the release of the new limited edition D-Link DSL-2890AL/LE version — which is essentially identical to the normal version, but comes in bright red — to give it a test run. (For those who aren’t after the lipstick look, it’s also available in a more discrete black version.)


Even two years in, 802.11ac routers with built-in ADSL modems are still fairly thin on the ground, so it’s something of a relief that the DSL-2890AL is a relatively good option. It combines solid wireless performance with an easy-to-use web interface and a good spread of features — and it does so at a fair price.

Despite not being the newest router on the market, things are still reasonably impressive from a hardware standpoint — like the bulk of 802.11ac routers, this one’s based on a Broadcom chipset and comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports (and you can reconfigure one of these as a WAN port for hooking into the NBN) plus one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port for plugging in storage devices or a printer. (There’s a caveat to using that USB 3.0 port for storage — D-Link’s interface warns you that it “may” interfere with 2.4GHz wireless performance.

Thankfully, you can switch the port to USB 2.0 mode to avoid this, which is still fast enough for even the most demanding media streaming.) There’s also tweaker-pleasing features like a hardware power switch (no more yanking the power cable) and dedicated Wi-Fi on/off button.

Router interfaces have come a long way in the last decade, and D-Link’s are some of the best examples of that. The web interface here is one of the easiest to use, making initial set up a synch, but also providing detailed and helpful configuration tips and information for advanced features. This is displayed off to the right-hand side of basically every setting page — and it’s all in well-written, easy-to-understand English so even relatively novice networkers can figure out what each setting does. It’s even good at suggesting settings — warning you with a pop-up, for example, if you try to leave the Wi-Fi settings page without turning on security.

The D-Link DSL-2890AL/LE is not lacking for software features either. You can run both DLNA and iTunes servers from connected USB devices and also share USB drive files with PCs via the standard Samba protocol. There’s reasonably fine-grained control over network prioritisation in the quality of service screen, with some preconfigured rules already in place (prioritising YouTube traffic highly to avoid streaming problems, for example) and you can even specify what percentage of your connection each of the four priority settings is allowed to hog.

Likewise there’s better-than-average control over network access, with website filtering and scheduled network access times that can be applied to specific devices — you could prevent a specific PC from accessing a certain website and shut down its access completely between 10pm and a 6am, for example.

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Jul 02

I have a house of 1200 SFT, will it cover whole house, when i use WIFI?


Please note that actual data throughput and coverage will vary from home to home based upon the environmental conditions in the area and where the D-Link router is actually placed within the network.

Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of network traffic, buildings materials, construction, network overhead and competing network overlap from other wireless devices and networks may impede and affect the actual data throughput rate as well. These variable conditions along with any environmental factors such as the weather and humidity which also have an impact on the actual wireless signal range make it very difficult to determine your actual signal range.

However, there are also other available options to assist you in increasing your wireless range as well such as changing channels on the access point to see if signal strength improves with each channel change and or adding a wireless range extender such as our D-Link DAP-1320 product, which can amplify a weak wireless signal from within your network and retransmit it out therefore extending your wireless range as well. If you need additional information please visit www.dlink.com.

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Jul 02

Keep an eye on your little ones with a mydlink™ EyeOnBaby Monitor

The EyeOnBaby Monitor range has been specially designed to help you keep an eye on your baby or toddler, night and day.

The EyeOn™ range offers a baby monitor to suit any parent’s needs and budget. With more functionality than ordinary audio monitors, the EyeOn™ Baby Monitor range brings peace of mind for parents.

EyeOn Baby Monitor WaterAid

These portable cameras transform your smartphone or tablet into a versatile,yet easy to use baby monitor. Connect to the monitor wirelessly at home or through the Internet from anywhere at any time, so you can check on your infant no matter where you are.

The monitors are packed with features to help you care for your child, including motion, sound, and temperature monitoring, as well as night vision, automatic snapshots and recording. They can even play gentle lullabies to help ease your baby to sleep!

EyeOn Baby Monitor WaterAid3

Watch your little ones playing in the garden

“The children love being out in the garden, but I can’t be out there with them every second of the day. The EyeOn™ Baby Monitor is portable so I can still keep an eye on them playing,while I’m in the kitchen.

I don’t have power in the garden so I simply connect my camera to an external USB battery, log into my account and I can access the camera on my iPhone. This is perfect when I’m cooking, because I can just pop my iPhone on the worktop and glance over whenever I need to, I love it.”

More reasons to love the EyeOn™ Baby Monitor range*

• HD Day & Night Vision, so you can see your baby, even in the dark
• See, listen and talk to your little ones, wherever you are
• Easy access from your smartphone or tablet with the mydlink™ Baby app
• Listen to your baby continuously, even when your phone is locked
• Receive alerts for motion, noise, or temperature changes
• Secure connection for a private monitoring experience

Easy set up – simple to use

Getting started is a snap; the free mydlink™ Baby app for your mobile device not only guides you step by step through the setup process, but also gives you an easy to use interface for all the advanced features of the EyeOn™ Baby Monitor range.

EyeOn Baby Monitor WaterAid1

Check on your baby at a glance, pinch to zoom in and out with ease, or play one of five gentle lullabies to soothe your child. You can even take snapshots and video clips and save them directly to your mobile device!

EyeOn Baby Monitor WaterAid2

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Jun 30


I have a D-Link DIR-600L Wireless N 150 Home Cloud Router. Does D-link QRS mobile (Android app) work with DIR- 600L router? The Webpage for QRS mobile does not list DIR-600L in the supported routers list. However the page for DIR-600L says QRS mobile is supported.

BTW, when i try to connect with QRS Mobile, it says “You are not connected your D-Link Device….” Though I have connected to the DIR600L router.



Yes, please note that the DIR-600L is App Enabled for the QRS Mobile application to run on it. If you are having trouble accessing the D-Link DIR-600L with the QRS Mobile application try uninstalling the QRS Mobile application and then reinstalling it. Also be sure that you have downloaded the most recent firmware version (version 1.14)available for this product as well, from our website at www.dlink.com.

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Jun 30

The DIR-880L Wireless AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Cloud Router offers the ultimate wireless connectivity with combined wireless speeds of up to 1.9 Gbps*. Advanced AC SmartBeam™ provides a dramatic increase in wireless coverage, while advanced Quality of Service (QoS) efficiently and automatically distributes your Internet bandwidth. The touch screen enhanced web-based setup wizard and configuration allows you to easily setup and get connected. It’s mydlink™-enabled which allows you to control and manage your network wherever you are over the Internet, as well as stream and share media files through the free mydlink™ SharePort™ app. The DIR-880L is high performance, easy-to-use and IPv6-ready for a reliable network today and tomorrow.

DIR-880L AC1900 Review

D-Link DIR-880L Technical Specs

  • Up To 1.9Gbps Data Rate
  • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5GHz
  • 1x USB 3.0 / 1x USB 2.0
  • 4x Gigabit LAN / 1x Gigabit WAN
  • Beamforming (SmartBeam)
  • Advanced QoS
  • WPS

D-Link DIR-880L AC1900 Conclusion


  • Fast Speeds At Budget Price
  • Looks Good
  • Intuitive Interface

Not so Good

  • Good Coverage, But Not Quite The Best

DIR-880L AC1900 Review2

D-Link DIR-880L AC1900 Features

The DIR-880L has all the usual attributes including IPv6 support, WPS connect and WPA2 encryption.
But let’s take a look at the big features…

7 Features of the D-Link DIR-880L AC1900 Router

Better Wireless AC With Dual Band
Reach out further with both Wireless AC & N using simultaneous Dual Band. Data rates of 1.3Gbps on the 5GHz and 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band.
Wireless AC (802.11ac) is the latest wireless standard that accommodates flawless online gaming and HD streaming. With AC1900 wireless speeds comes more reliable connections and faster transfers.

SmartBeam Beamforming
SmartBeam is designed to give your wireless clients more freedom to roam. Rather than pushing out signal in all directions at all times, the DIR-880L directs Wi-Fi signal in the direction of your clients as and when they need it. This means clients can move further away from the router then before. It also means that the wireless signal is stronger, which boosts reliability levels.

Advanced Quality of Service
If you want to get the best out of your network, it’s best to use Quality of Service, also known as QoS. You can prioritize your precious network traffic, so that it’s not affected by less important traffic at time of network congestion. For example, you can stream the latest installment of Game of Thrones, without worrying about someone else in your home compromising your viewing when they decide to download a movie from the Internet.

Two USB Ports
The DIR-880L AC1900 ships with two USB ports. One is USB 3.0, which is a must-have for HD streaming & fast filesharing – basically making the most of those fast Wireless AC speeds. There’s an intuitive user interface to view stored content – be it movies, music or photos.

3 External High Gain Antennas
Three high gain external antennas helps to push out Wi-Fi signal in more directions which extends the coverage area even more.

mydLink Monitoring
mydlink is cloud based. This means you can access the DIR-880L from anywhere at any time. mydlink lets you monitor your network, block access and implement Parental Control from a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Gigabit Ports
D-Link have added 4 Gbps ports should you wish to connect wired devices directly into the router.

Reviews for the D-Link DIR-880L

This review is from: D-Link Wireless AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router (DIR-880L) (Personal Computers)
I just put one these new D-Link DIR-880L into service this weekend. I was using a 4th generation Apple Air Port which worked well with no clitches and was easy to setup. But the signal dropped off in several areas and outside. I have a 2 story home about 3500 Sq. Ft. and keep my router on the 2nd floor. When I heard about the new D-Link DIR-880L that just was released I thought it would be just perfect for my network. I have 7 devices in my network 1 is a Smart Samsung TV, 2 iphones, 1 wifi BD player and 3 others and growing. I am considering cloud video cameras as well. So I need unit with some chops.

The unit was a snap to set up using the internet configuration, less than 10 minutes for my system. The router is a well made sturdy device that is well laid out. It has been running for 5 days and no problems. Watched some streaming HD movies with no buffer issues.

I did a test before I removed the AirPort Router. I have 25 Mbps service from COX Cable that runs downloads with Speedtest around 32Mbps on my wired PCs and Iphones in the house.

At the 5GHz & 2.4GHz settings 50ft from house 6.51Mbps for both download speeds from the Apple.

I did test after setting up the DIR-880L
At the 5GHz & 2.4GHz settings 50ft from house 20.06Mbps & 22.60Mbps respectively from the D-Link much better than Apple.

I highly recommend this great new AC1900 DIR-880L WiFi Router. I am not even taking full advantage of its potential my clients are only N Technology.

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