Oct 19

The following D-Link cameras offer a PIR sensor for Motion Detection:

  • DCS-942L
  • DCS-2132L
  • DCS-2310L
  • DCS-5222L

PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor): Motion is detected when an “object” breaks the field which the PIR sensor has determined as the “Normal” thermal state.

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Oct 19

Select D-Link Cameras offer 2 different types of motion detection

1. Software or Pixel Change Motion Detection: The camera looks for pixel changes between frames (user defined areas).

2. Hardware or PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor): Motion is detected when an “object” breaks the field which the PIR sensor has determined as the “Normal” thermal state.

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Oct 01

Your D-Link switch has no built in DHCP server, meaning it does not have the capability to issue IP addresses. Please check your DHCP server to ensure that it is functioning properly. In most cases your router will act as your DHCP server.

If you are sure that your DHCP server is functioning properly then please test DHCP with other PCs connected to your switch. Your PC or network card may be the cause of your problem.

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Sep 29

Step 1: Log into your D-Link DNS-1200-05. The Default username is admin and the password is password

Step 2: Click on System Management and then Network

Step 3: Set your Primary DNS address to point to your Active Directory server

Step 4: Click on Time and Date and set the time and date to match with what your Active Directory servers Time and date settings.

Step 5: Click on Network Services and then on File Sharing and make sure that CIFS is enabled.

Step 6: Click on CIFS and Enter your Active Directory information

Username: <Username of an administrator user and password> e.g. Administrator

Workgroup: The workgroup the AD/Windows server is associated with

Realm Name: <Realm name of AD/Windows Server>

AD Server Name: <Active Directory Server name>

DNS1: <IP of your Active Directory/Windows Server>

Step 7: Click on Apply

The DNS-1200-05 should now successfully be connected to your Active Directory

Step 8: Click on Account management and then click on Users and select Domain users from the drop down menu

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Sep 29

Step 1: Click Start and Click Run, type \\IP of DNS-323 (eg. \\ and Press OK.

Step 2: Explore the root directory of the DNS-323 (This Example- Volume_1)

Step 3: Create a folder to hold your MP3GÇÖs. (Ex. Shared Mp3GÇÖs)

Step 4: Add MP3s to the folder.

Step 5: Log into the DNS-323. The default username is admin (all lower case) and the default password is blank (nothing). Click on Config.

Step 6: Click on the Advanced tab at the top and then click on iTunes SERVER on the left hand side.

Step 7: Click Enable, Uncheck root and click Browse.

Step 8: Select your created MP3 Directory and press OK.

Step 9: Click Save Settings.

Step 10: Open iTunes, select the DNS-323 on the Left Panel

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