Jul 31

This article guide you how to set up the security of D-Link Draft 802.11n Wireless,DWA-142 as a example.

Step 1: Right click the Wireless status Icon in the task bar, to open the Wireless Manager.


Step 2: Select Wireless Manager.


Step 3: Click on My Wireless Networks.


Step 4: Select Modify on the right.


Step 5: Select your Network Type and Security Type for the selected network profile.


Step 6: Click OK.

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Jul 31

Before running the Installation from the Setup CD, make sure to disable your Anti-Virus software.

D-Link´s network utility will be un-trusted and may result as incomplete installation. Anti-Virus software widely affects network installations, so looking into it may very well solve your issue.

Step 1: Before starting, make sure to have the downloaded and uncompressed package, which contains a folder of drivers.


Note: To perform a manual installation, you will need to access the device manager.

Step 2: In the Start menu, right-click on Computer to select Manage.


Step 3: On the left, select Device Manager to bring it up on the right.


Note: If the Driver software has not installed correctly, the partially installed adapter will come up in the Other devices group, just as it is shown in the previous image. The adapter may have acquired the inappropriate driver, which would be identified with an exclamation mark on the icon within the Network adapters group.

Step 4: Right click on the unknown adapter to Update Driver Software.

Step 5: Click on Browse my computer for driver software.

Step 6: Click on the Browse.. button to get to the new driver.


Step 7: Select the folder location for the files identified in step 1 and click on the OK button.


Step 8: Make sure to have selected the correct model and version. Click on Next to initiate the search and installation.

Step 9: The wizard should notified that it successfully install the new driver. The window can now be closed.

Step 10: Once the adapter is listed within the Network adapters, the installation would have succeeded completely.

Step 11: For Wireless Products, click/Right click on the Network Icon located on the system tray to View the Available Wireless Networks. Find your personal Network and double click to connect. It should request for a wireless key, which by now should have been set up.


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Jul 30

Step 1: Right click My Computer.

Step 2: Select Manage.

Step 3: Click the Device Manager, under the System Tools section, in the left panel.

Step 4: In the right panel, expand the Network Adapters section.


Your adapter should show up by name. (ex D-Link DFE-538TX)

If there is a problem with installation, the device will display as an Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, Unknown device, or will not be listed at all.

If the adapter is not installed properly, continue to Step 5.

Step 5: From the Network Adapters section, right click on the adapter and select Uninstall.


Step 6: Reinstall the driver.

The Latest Driver can be downloaded from our www.dlink.com.

Step 7: After the installation completes, repeat to Step 1 through Step 4 again, to ensure that the driver has installed properly.

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Jul 30

I am often asked the difference between KBps and Kbps,here is the answer:

In data communications a Kilobit is one thousand bits. It is used to measure the amount of data transferred per second. Kilobits per second is shortened to kb/s, Kbps or kbps (as opposed to KBps, which is Kilobytes per second. Note the capitalization.) The lowercase b is commonly used to denote bits, while the uppercase B is used for bytes.

bit: minimum unit that handles a computer. (zero a one).
byte: it is a set of 8 bits and represents a character.
bps: (bit per seconds) unit of measurement of information transference.
bytes/s: (bytes per seconds) unit of measurement of transference of information in byte per second.

1 KB/s = 1024 bytes per second
1 kb/s = 1000 bits per second
1024 kb = 1 mb (megabyte)

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Jul 30

Step 1: Save all your changes and reload the switch.

Step 2: When you see the Auto boot in 2 seconds message, press Return or Esc to abort the boot process and enter prom.

Here you will see the following options:

Startup Menu

[1] Download Software
[2] Erase Flash File
[3] Password Recovery Procedure
[4] Enter Diagnostic Mode
[5] Set Terminal Baud-Rate
[6] Stack menu
[7] License menu
[8] Back

Step 3: Select option # 7, License menu, and press Enter

Here you will see the following options:

License menu

[1] Add license
[2] Remove license
[3] Show license
[4] Back

Step 4: Select option # 1, Add license, and press Enter.

Step 5: Enter your license number and press Enter.

The License number will be in the following format:
N1-0013463CBACB-25-0-79109C235845B9A5 (This is an sample. it is not a working key)
Key starts with N1 (all letters are capitalized).

Step 6: After adding the key, select option #3, Show License, to confirm the key is entered correctly.

Step 7: Select the back option until the POST process resumes.

Now you are able to access the WLAN portion of the switch.

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