Sep 21

D-Link DIR-628 RangeBooster N Dual Band Router Firmware support inquiries or software troubleshooting are available only from its publisher/developer D-Link. Although we constantly scan all the programs present on this website with a strong combined antivirus solution, for your improved security, we strongly advise you to check the downloaded files with a good antivirus and antispyware software.

You can upgrade the firmware of the Router here. Make sure the firmware you want to use is on the local hard drive of the computer. Click on Browse to locate the firmware file to be used for the update. Please check the D-Link support site for firmware updates at You can download firmware upgrades to your hard drive from the D-Link support site.

D-Link DIR-628 RangeBooster N Dual Band Router Firmware Update

Firmware Upgrade:

Click on Check Online Now for Latest Firmware Version to find out if there is an updated firmware; if so, download the new firmware to your hard drive.


After you have downloaded the new firmware, click Browse to locate the firmware update on your hard drive. Click Upload to complete the firmware upgrade.

Notifications Options:

Check Automatically Check Online for Latest Firmware Version to have the router check automatically to see if there is a new firmware upgrade.

Check Email Notification of Newer Firmware Version to have the router send an email when there is a new firmware available.

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Sep 20

The router supports Wi-Fi protection, referred to as WCN 2.0 in Windows 7. The following instructions for setting this up depends on whether you are using Windows Vista® to configure the router or third party software.

When you first set up the router, Wi-Fi protection is disabled and unconfigured. To enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi protection, the router must be both enabled and configured. There are three basic methods to accomplish this: use Windows Vista’s built-in support for WCN 2.0, use software provided by a third party, or manually configure.

If you are running Windows Vista®, log into the router and click the Enable checkbox in the Basic > Wireless section. Use the Current PIN that is displayed on the Advanced > Wi-Fi Protected Setup section or choose to click the Generate New PIN button or Reset PIN to Default button.

How to Connect Using WCN 2.0 in Windows7 on D-Link DGL-4500 Router?

If you are using third party software to set up Wi-Fi Protection, carefully follow the directions. When you are finished, proceed to the next section to set up the newly-configured router.

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Sep 18

1.D-Link DIR-506L Media Server

This feature allows you to share music, pictures and videos with any devices connected to your network. After making your changes, click the Save Settings button.

Enable DLNA Media Server:

D-Link DIR-506L Media Server

D-Link DIR-506L Media Server

Check this box to enable the media server feature.

Media Server Name:

Enter your media server’s name.

2.D-Link DIR-506L Storage Configuration

This page will allow you to access files from a USB external hard drive or flash drive that is plugged into the D-Link DIR-506L from your local network or the Internet using either a web browser or the SharePort Mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. You can create users to customize access rights to the files stored on the USB drive. After making changes, click the Save Settings button.

D-Link DIR-506L Media Server and Storage Configuration

D-Link DIR-506L Media Server and Storage Configuration

Enable Shareport Web Access:

Tick this checkbox to enable sharing files stored on a USB storage drive connected to the DIR-506L.

HTTP Access Port:

Enter a port to use for HTTP web access to your files (8181 is the default). You will have to add this port to the IP address of the DIR-506L when connecting.For example:

Allow Remote Access:

Check to enable remote access to your router’s storage.

User Name:

To create a new user, enter a user name. To edit an existing user, use the dropdown box to the right.

Password/Verify Password:

Enter a password you want to use for the account, re-enter the password in the Verify Password text box, then click
Add/Edit to save your changes.

User List:

This section shows existing user accounts. There are admin and guest accounts by default.

Number of Devices:

This section shows you information about the USB storage device plugged into the router.

SharePort Web Access Link:

This will give you a direct link to the web access interface that you can click on or copy and paste.

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Sep 18

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — D-Link today announced its latest addition to its family of SharePort™ mobility products – the SharePort Go (DIR-506L), giving families and mobile professionals a simple-to-use and feature-rich solution for easy media streaming to a range of devices and Wireless networking on-the-go. Featuring a compact design and rechargeable battery, the portable SharePort Go (DIR-506L) allows users to easily share and stream across a range of devices, add wireless storage to a smartphone or tablet, or turn any Internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

“Internet access is ubiquitous in public places across the globe – hotels, coffee shops, airports and more – however, often times these connections are not secure and they don’t offer an easy way to share an Internet connection with multiple devices,” said Ken Loyd, director, consumer products, D-Link. “The new SharePort Go not only provides easy and secure networking wherever you are, but enables you to share all types of media with any number of devices, effortlessly.”

Featuring a rechargeable built-in battery, the SharePort Go can be used almost anywhere, at home or on the road and can also be used to charge a smartphone when its battery is running low. With SharePort Go, users can seamlessly add wireless storage to an iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device using any USB Flash drive – a very convenient feature when you run out of storage and are unable to add more media or download new apps. Additionally, the device offers a range of network functionality, turning an Internet connection into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and can also be used as a portable router to create a secured wireless network anywhere.

More about the the SharePort™ Go (DIR-506L)
The SharePort Go (DIR-506L) offers a range of features in an affordable, compact device:

  • Stream and share media to all of your devices
  • Transform any internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Add instant wireless storage to an iPad, iPhone or Android device
  • Compact design and rechargeable battery deliver the ultimate in mobile connectivity
  • Versatile network functionality (Router, Wi-Fi hotspot, Access Point)

Availability and Pricing

The SharePort Go (DIR-506L) is available now for $99.99 throughout D-Link’s network of e-tail and retail outlets, including, Frys, and, and other e-tail and retail locations. The product will also be available at Office Depot and Office Max during the holiday season.

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Sep 15

D-Link, the cost-effective, standards-based unified networking solutions provider for small- and medium-sized businesses, introduced today at ASIS International 2012 the new D-Link® DCS-7010L high-definition outdoor mini bullet camera with integrated cloud services support and the D-Link® DCS-7513 two-megapixel outdoor bullet camera featuring a Sony® Exmor wide dynamic range sensor. In addition, the D-Link DCS-6010L 360-degree IP camera and D-Link DCS-7413 two-megapixel outdoor bullet camera will be amongst the IP surveillance solutions on display at ASIS, showcasing D-Link’s vast range of indoor and outdoor IP surveillance solutions with networking and cloud services capabilities for small businesses.

“D-Link is committed to providing innovative, easily-managed surveillance solutions with streamlined integration to protect businesses 24/7, and the ASIS International conference is an ideal venue to demonstrate the latest cameras solutions,” said Vance Kozik, director of marketing, IP Surveillance for D-Link. “Beyond its latest surveillance products, D-Link offers customers a complete end-to-end solution for small and medium-sized business deployments to manage a range of security, storage and switching needs.”

With integrated cloud-service support, the DCS-7010L allows users to view video feed from anywhere with remote cloud access and mobile apps for both Apple® and Android devices, including the iPhone®, iPad® and Android tablets. Boasting 1280 x 800 resolution, the DCS-7010L offers day/night support with integrated IR LEDs, a microSD card slot, two-way audio, and PoE support. The DCS-7010L is IP66-rated and ONVIF™ compliant, and comes in an easy-to-mount package.

The DCS-7513 two-megapixel outdoor bullet camera features a Sony Exmor wide dynamic range sensor and a cable management bracket to ensure the cabling is protected from outdoor elements and secure from vandalism. A convenient motorized lens allows integrators or end users to remotely adjust the zoom level or focus through the camera’s web interface. Additionally, the DCS-7513 features P-Iris, a new lens technology that allows precise control over the iris position to optimize light sensitivity and lens depth of field.

The additional IP Surveillance cameras featured at ASIS round out D-Link’s high-quality solutions for a range of small business needs:

D-Link DCS-6010L:

As the first fisheye fixed dome network camera from D-Link, the DCS-6010L 360-degree network camera delivers a 180-degree panoramic view via wall mount or 360-degree surround view via ceiling mount without blind spots. The camera is equipped with original surround, panoramic views and regional views for various mounting applications. Cutting-edge image processing technology allows video captured via the fisheye lens to be converted to conventional rectilinear projection for user-friendly viewing and analysis, while its two-megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor allows video streams to cover a larger scene with higher-resolution images than an analog CCTV camera.

D-Link DCS-7413:

The D-Link DCS-7413 bullet camera features a two-megapixel progressive scan CMOS sensor, offering low noise and high sensitivity for professional surveillance and security applications. Using an ARM SoC, the camera provides excellent real-time video quality and can handle multiple video streams with different configurations activated simultaneously to address varying requirements for live viewing and recording. The full-featured DCS-7413 also includes full HD resolution, built-in IR LEDs for increased visibility at night, Power over Ethernet (PoE) for flexible installation options, and input and output ports for connectivity to external devices such as PIR sensors, switches and alarm relays.

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