Oct 29

Step 1: Log into the setup page of the DWC-1000.

Step 2: Go to the Advanced tab. Click on AP Profile.


Step 3: The Profile Status shows the current state of the profile:

  • Configured: The AP Profile is created, but no access points are associated to the Profile
  • Associated: The AP Profile is applied to the access points
  • Associated – Modified: The AP Profile has been modified, but changes haven’t been applied to the APs

Step 4: Check the checkbox for the desired AP Profile. Click on the Apply button.

A message will appear stating the APs will restart, and clients will be disconnected during this time. Click Ok to proceed with pushing out the profile to the APs.


Step 5: When the profile has been pushed to the APs, the Profile Status will change to Associated.

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Oct 29

Some applications use a series of ports that change each time the application is used. Special Applications will open all ports for an application when a port is triggered.

Step 1: Open a web browser and type the IP address of the gaming router in the address bar (default is Press Enter.

Step 2: The default password is blank (nothing). Click Log In.


Step 3 Click Advanced at the top and then click Special Applications on the left side.

Step 4 Pre-defined applications will be listed in the Application Level Gateway (ALG) Configuration section. To disable any of the pre-defined applications, uncheck them.

To add a Special Application rule select the Enable checkbox in the Add Special Applications Rule section and configure the following:

  • Name – Enter a name to identify the rule or select a rule using the drop-down list to the right.


  • Trigger Port Range – Enter the port or a range of ports that will trigger the rule.
  • Protocol – Select the protocol (TCP, UDP, or Both).


  • Input Port Range – Enter the LAN port or range of ports.
  • Input Protocol – Select the protocol for the LAN interface (TCP, UDP, or Both).


  • Schedule – Select AlwaysA10323_image5

Step 5 Click Save to apply the new settings.

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Oct 27
  • The D-Link Surveillance Add on Package provides:
  • Embedded NVR (network video recorder)
  • Supports real-time monitoring, recording and playback of surveillance video using select D-Link Network Cameras
  • Supports up to 4 D-Link network cameras
  • Supports DCS-930,DCS-930L,DCS-932,DCS-932L,DCS-1100,DCS-1100L,DCS-1130,DCS-1130L,DCS-5222L,DCS-5211L,DCS-5230,DCS-5230L,DCS-942L, DCS-2103,DCS-2210,DCS-2230 (using package v.2.00)
  • Step 1: Download the Surveillance center app from www.dlink.com
    Step 2: Log into your DNS-325 / DNS-345
  • A10621_image1
  • Step 3: Click on the Applications tab and then click Add-On ManagementA10621_image2A10621_image3

    Step 4: Browse to the Surveillance Center Package and click Apply


    Step 5: The Surveillance center app should now be visible, click on the Play button to Start the app.


    Step 6: Click on the Applications tab


    Step 7: Click on the Surveillance Center App icon and click Launch Interface



    Note: Depending on your cameras configuration, the cameras may automatically be added to the Surveillance Center.

    If not:

    Step 8: Click Setup on the left side and click Camera Setup


    Step 9: Click Run Wizard


    The Camera Setup Wizard Appears

    Click Next

    Select your camera(s) and click next
    Enter the settings for your camera(s)
    • Username
    • Password
    • Video Format

    Click Test camera to confirm settings are correct. You should be able to see a camera still.

    Setup desired recording schedule (optional)

    Setup Quota for each camera (optional)Click Finish


    Your Cameras are now added, click on Live Video on the left sideA10621_image16

    Your camera(s) should now be visible


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Oct 27

NOTE: You need to be running firmware version 1.03 or later

Step 1: Log into the setup page of the D-Link DNS-325

Step 2: Click on the Home tab and click on mydlink Cloud


Step 3: It will start to download the app and install it



Step 4: Click on the Application tab and then on mydlink Cloud


Step 5: Here you will need to create your account for the mydlink Cloud. Fill in the information and click on Create.



NOTE: To access this on your Iphone/Android device you will need to download the mydlink Cloud app from the respective app store.



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Oct 26

Use this process if your D-Link mydlink Baby Camera is already registered with your mydlink account.

Step 1: Open your browser and enter http://www.mydlink.com/


Step 2: Enter your mydlink ID (email) and password at the login screen and click Sign in.


Step 3: Select the camera and click on the Settings tab.


Step 4: Ensure the Motion Detection checkbox is checked and click the icon.


Step 5: Select the detection area and sensitivity you would like using the drawing tools. Click Next to continue.


Step 6: Click Finish to confirm the motion detection settings.


Step 7: Click Save to save the current configuration.


Step 8: Click Yes to confirm changes.


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