Dec 31

Step 1: Open your web browser and enter http://dlinkrouter or http://dlinkrouter.local into the address bar.


Step 2: At the login page, enter the Admin password. If you have not changed the administrator password, leave the field blank. Click Log In.


Step 3: Move cursor to the Management tab and then click System.


Step 4: Click Save the Settings To File.

Note: Depending on your browser, a ‘File Download’ dialog may appear, allowing you to select a location and file name for the settings file. The file may also be automatically saved to your default ‘Downloads’ folder.


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Dec 31

 Installation Repeater Mode

Find an available power outlet near your wireless router. Plug the supplied power adapter into your DAP-1665 and connect it to the outlet or to a surge protector. Press the Power switch on the back of the device. Verify that the Power LED is lit.

If your router does not have WPS, skip  to the section Configure Using a Web Browser.


  • Press the WPS button on your existing wireless router or AP.
    Note: Usually the WPS LED will start to blink. If necessary, check your router’s user manual for more information.

  • Within one minute, press and hold the WPS button on the side of the DAP-1665 for about one second. The WPS LED will blink. When the Security LED becomes a solid green, it means wireless security is enabled. Allow up to two minutes for the WPS process to complete.
  • A10718_image3

    ote: For optimal performance using Repeater Mode, place your DAP-1665 in between your router and your dead zone, making sure it’s placed in a location where the signal is still strong.



Connect Your Wireless Devices

From your wireless device go to the Wireless Utility to display the available wireless networks and select the Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID) that is located on your configuration card (ex: dlink-a8fa). Then, enter the Wi-Fi password which is also located on your configuration card. (ex: akbdj19368).


  • Your device is now connected to the DAP-1665 and can connect to your wireless router.



Your setup is complete! 
Configure Using a Web Browser
  1. Find an available power outlet near your wireless router. Plug the supplied power adapter into your DAP-1665 and connect it to the outlet or to a surge protector. Press the Power switch on the back of the device. Verify that the Power LED is lit.A10718_image11
  2. From the computer connected to your wireless router, open a web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome). Enter http://dlinkap.local./. Windows XP users can enter http://dlinkap. Use the Setup Wizard to configure your AP manually.
  3. A10718_image6


NOTE: The default IP address is Once the DAP-1665 (in Repeater or Client mode) connects to your router, it will get assigned a new IP address based on your router/network’s DHCP settings. You will need to log in to your router and view the DHCP table to see what IP address was assigned to the DAP-1665. The MAC address is printed on the label on the bottom of the device.

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Dec 30

Step 1: Go to D-Link NetDefend Center


Step 2: Go to My D-Link and click on Registration


Step 3: Enter your personnel and company information


Step 4: Enter your DFL product information (Model number, Date of purchase, MAC address, Serial Number and Distributor)


Step 5: Confirm the information you entered and click next.

Step 6: After you complete the registration, you will receive an email from D-Link NetDefend Center with a login username and password for membership confirmation.


Step 7: You can check your product licence status on My D-Link > Product Status


Step 8: You can login the management page of your DFL firewall and enter the Activation code to activate your service under Maintenance > License


Note: Before you begin registering your product, make sure your firewall is linked to the internet.
The DFL Firewall will connect with the License Server, and it will take few times.


Step 9: Once your DFL firewall is activated. You can see the activation information on your firewall under Maintenance> License

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Dec 30

Note: If the DWC-1000 is managing access points, the access points should be upgraded before proceeding with the controller.

Step 1: Download the firmware for the DWC-1000 from Save and extract the firmware file to a known location on the computer.

Step 2: Log into the setup page of the DWC-1000.

Step 3: Go to the Tools tab, and select Firmware.

Step 4: Click on Browse, and select the firmware file where it was saved. Click the Upgrade button. The firmware upgrade will start, and do not power down the controller or refresh the web page. Once the upgrade is completed, the controller will restart and the page will refresh.

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Dec 29

Step 1: Log into the switch D-Link DWS-4026 web interface (


Step 2: Click on WAN tab -> Administration-> Basic Settings -> SSID tab, click on Edit beside the SSID (ex: dlink)


Step 3: Select HTTP for “Redirect” and enter the URL you want to be redirect to under “Redirect URL” (ex: and click Submit

Step 4: Click on Tools Tab and click on Save


Step 5: Connect to the configured SSID/Wireless Network

Step 6: Open a browser and type in, you will see the page will be redirected to the first time.

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