Mar 28

Below is the syntax to configure an IP address and default gateway on the DES-3010FA/GA switch via the CLI.

Note: The copy running-config startup-config comamnd will save all configuration changes.

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Mar 28

D-LINK HAS REVEALED a new piece of software designed to simplify distributed network management through a single cloud portal.

D-Link Central Wi-Fi Manager CWM-100 is a free toolkit to allow multi-site businesses to manage the network from a central hub.


The software is a free download offered with selected D-Link wireless access point products.

“In a connected world, the network is at the heart of the business. The growth in adoption of cloud-based applications, real-time communication and remote working mean that connectivity is now mission critical,” said Paul Routledge, marketing manager for D-Link UK.

Security is offered via a support structure for local database, external RADIUS server, LDAP and WiFi password authentication and granular user access control.

Management can be assigned to a range of roles with specific access and authorisation levels, augmented by NAT pass through to allow the controller to manage firewalled access points.

Routledge said: “The D-Link Central Wi-Fi Manager allows any network manager – whether an internal employee or an external provider – to deliver real-time monitoring and management, as well as detailed reporting. The end result is a network that is easy to deploy, set up, monitor and upgrade.”

Also included is the ability to create an access point once and then reuse that same configuration over again with other APs.

Reports included are fully graphical, allowing network managers to drill down into the needs and requirements of the network from a technical and user perspective.

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Mar 25

1. If you forgot your password or want to reset the DAP-1520 back to the factory default settings, press and hold the reset button using a paper clip and release after 10 seconds.


Warning: This process will erase all your settings. 

2. You may repeat the WPS process on the other side of this QIG or log in and run the Setup Wizard. Follow the steps under Configure the DAP-1520.

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Mar 25

Previous Firmware v1.0.xx GUI

Step 1: Open your web browser and in the address bar, type in The username is ‘admin’ and by default the password is ‘admin’ Click login.


Step 2: Click on the Advanced tab. On the left side click on the Users button than click on Users


Step 3: Select admin user and click on Edit button


Step 4: Select Check to Edit Password. Enter you new password and retype to confirm your new password.



Step 5: Click  [Save Settings]  to complete the process.



New Firmware Version v2.0.xx GUI


Step 1: Open your web browser and in the address bar, type in The username is ‘admin‘ and by default the password is ‘admin‘ Click login.






Step 2: Click on the Security tab>Authentication > Select Internal User Database.






Step 3: Select Users.






Step 4: Right click on Admin>Select Edit.






Step 5: Enable Edit Password.






Step 6: Enter the Current Logged In Administrator Password. Enter your new password and retype to confirm your new

password (Password is case-sensative). Click on Save.


Note: We recommend to write the password and store it in a safe place. In case you forget the password the

unit will need to be factory reset to recover admin access to the unit.






Step 7: After saving the setting you will receive the message below (Password Changed. Please log in), now you are able to log in to the unit with the new password.



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Mar 19

Before you begin: Insert your USB Flash Drive into your router and check the storage status: From the network map on the main page, click the USB Device icon to display the storage status. The information displayed here should reflect the characteristics of the USB drive plugged into the USB port.


Smartphone Setup


Step 1: Download the mydlink SharePort app to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or Google Play. You can find the app using the search term “mydlink SharePort”. Once the installation is complete, launch the app by clicking on the “mydlink SharePort” icon.
Step 2: If your device is connected to the same wireless network as your DIR-880L, select the Local Access tab and enter the password for your router’s Administrator account. If you are using any other connection (such as a different wireless network or a mobile broadband connection), select Remote Access, and enter your mydlink username (email address) and password.


Tap Log In to continue.


Step 3: Select the DIR-880L from the list of available devices.


Step 4: You media should now be available. Use the icons to select the media type you wish to browse/play.


Note: The signal indicator at the bottom of the screen will turn green to indicate a direct connection, pink to indicate a relayed connection, and blue to indicate a local connection.


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