Oct 22

If the ADSL light does not turn on, this means that the modemcannot establish a connection with your ISP. There are severalsteps you can take to try and resolve this problem:


  • Verify the ADSL cable is securely inserted into both themodem/router’s ADSL port and the microfilter.
  • If you have multiple telephone sockets on your premises, ensurethat the modem/router is connected to the master socket, i.e. theone closest to the point the telephone line enters thepremises.
  • If you have other devices attached to your telephone line,ensure that these are plugged into a microfilter. If the line issplit, e.g. using splitters or by having multiple extensions, makesure that the microfilter is plugged in before the split, or ensurethat all devices after the split are plugged into a microfilterthemselves.
  • Try upgrading the firmware on your router to the latestversion.

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Oct 22

Create Users, Groups and Folder Sj¡haring in D-Link DNS-320L

1. Enter the NAS web configuration


2. To Create Network Shares:

• Click on “Network Shares” and then click “New”
• On “Welcome to Network Shares Setup Wizard”, click “Next”
• Here you can select the Volume_x or click on top of Volume_x, click on “New”
• Enter a name for the folder and click accept
• Click inside the box next to the folder you created, then click “Next”
• Select “All Accounts” or Specified User/ Groups
• Assign access rights
• Select “Map Archive” and “Recycle”, then click “Next”
• Select the “Access Modes”, then click “Next”
• Select the FTP Settings, then click “Next”
• Type “*” for “Host” and click inside box for “Write”, then click “Next”
• Select the WebDAV settings and then click “Next”, then “Finish”

3. To Create Users – User Settings:

• Click on “Users / Groups”, and then click “New”
• On “Welcome to the User Setup Wizard”, click “Next”
• Here you can either create; A Single User or Multiple Users, then click “Next”
• Enter details of User and Password, then click on “Next”
• If no groups have been made, you will be presented with “No Group(s) have been added to this NAS”, click on “Next”
• Select the “Network Share Settings” for the Share Name, then click “Next”
• Select the Privileges, then click “Next”
• Select the WebDAV settings, then click “Next”
• Select the Quota Settings (0 value in unlimited), then click on “Next” then “Finish”

4. To Create Groups – Group Settings:

• Click on “Users / Groups”, and then click “New”
• On “Welcome to the Group Setup Wizard”, click “Next”
• Enter a Group Name”, then click “Next”
• Select the User you wish to join to then Group, then click “Next”
• Select the Network Share Settings, then click “Next”
• Assign the Privileges, then click “Next”
• Select the WebDAV settings, then click “Next”
• Select the Quota Settings (0 value in unlimited), then click on “Next”, then “Finish”


Oct 01

Installing Power Cord Clip

To prevent accidental removal of the AC power cord, it is recommended to install the power cord clip together with the power cord.


1. With the rough side facing down, insert the Tie Wrap into the hole below the power socket.
2. Plug the AC power cord into the power socket of the Switch.
3. Slide the retainer through the Tie Wrap until the end of the cord.
4. Circle the tie of the retainer around the power cord and into the locker of the retainer.
5. Fasten the tie of the retainer until the power cord is secured.

Mount on a Rack

The D-Link GO-SW-16GE can easily be mounted on a rack. Two mounting ears are provided for this purpose. Make sure that the front panel is exposed in order to view the LEDs.

1. Attach the ears to each side of the switch, using the screw-holes located on the side of the device.
2. Firmly attach the ears to the rack. Please follow the usual safety precautions for rack-mountable products.

Connecting the Switch

Step 1

Plug the supplied power cord into the Switch and the other end into a power outlet, power strip, or surge protector (recommended). Verify the Power indicator is lit on the Switch.

Step 2

Connect one end of an Ethernet cable in the device you want to connect to the Switch and the other end into one of the Ethernet ports on the Switch. Check the Link lights (LEDs) on both the Switch and the device to verify that the cable is good and that there is a valid connection.

D-Link GO-SW-16GE Desktop or Rackmount Switch

Note: A Category 5 (or higher) Ethernet cable must be used for 100Mbps or higher operation.

D-Link Green Technology

D-Link Green Technology implements special power-saving features that detect link status and adjust power usage accordingly. Green Technology saves energy in a specific way:

1. If there is no link on a port (when there is no connection or the device connected is turned off) the port(s) will enter a “sleep mode” which will drastically reduce the amount of power used.

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