Apr 24

Adobe has announced that they will end support for their Flash Player on December 31, 2020. Flash-based video content will be blocked from running in Adobe Flash Player, which is an essential component for mydlink Portal”s SD playback feature, affecting mydlink cameras manufactured before 2018.


For the affected products listed below, please use mydlink Lite  to watch video clips that you’ve recorded onto SD cards. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


Affected D-Link Products:

  • DCS-2132L
  • DCS-2136L
  • DCS-2210L
  • DCS-2230L
  • DCS-2310L
  • DCS-2330L
  • DCS-2332L
  • DCS-2530L
  • DCS-2630L
  • DCS-2670L
  • DCS-5029L
  • DCS-5030L
  • DCS-5211L
  • DCS-5222L
  • DCS-6004L
  • DCS-6005L
  • DCS-6010L
  • DCS-6045L
  • DCS-6212L
  • DCS-7000L
  • DCS-7010L
  • DCS-8100LH (HW ver. A1 FW 1.x)
  • DCS-820L
  • DCS-825L
  • DCS-855L
  • DCS-935L
  • DCS-936L
  • DCS-942L
  • DCS-960L

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Apr 24

D-Link does not store a user’s Wi-Fi password in any of our cloud servers.

The Wi-Fi password will only be stored locally in the user”s mobile device for the mydlink app to speed up the setup when a user installs a second device.

When a user sets up a second device, the mydlink app will ask the user if they want to use the previous Wi-Fi settings (SSID/Password).

A user’s Wi-Fi password never passes to nor is it stored in the cloud and is not analyzed by the app under any condition.

We care about our customer’s privacy.