Feb 24

Follow the steps below to set up the COVR-3902 system using the D-Link Wi-Fi app.   Step 1: Download the D-Link Wi-Fi app from the App Store or Google Play. Download and install (do not launch app yet).     Step 2: Plug in only the COVR router and allow about one minute to bootup. […]

Jun 12

This could be due to the following reasons: 1. Your D-Link routers uPnP feature is Disabled. 2. Your router is not getting a proper public IP address from your Internet Service Provider. *This is common if your ISP modem is actually a Modem/router combo”   3. Your phone reception is weak.   4. Your phone […]

Apr 10

To reset the D-Link DCH-S150 device: Step 1. Locate the Reset button on the side of the device. Step 2. With the device plugged in, press and hold the Reset button until the status LED turns red (for about 10 seconds). Warning: When you reset your DCH-S150, it will change your settings back to the factory default settings. You will […]

Dec 08

After setting up my Facebook Wi-Fi router and verifying my local network internet connection is OK, my customers are not able to access the internet using the Facebook Wi-Fi connection, an error message that reads: “We do not get a valid answer from the Central Server” displays after attempting to login.   If you are […]

Feb 13

Note: After you have changed the camera’s Wi-Fi network, you will need to connect your smart phone/tablet to same Wi-Fi network in order to access the camera’s live feed. Step 1: Launch the mydlink Baby app. Step 2: Tap the camera which you want to change the Wi-Fi network for. Step 3: Tap the settings […]

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