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The WiFi performance depends on how you place and connect your router and node.  Some commonly used appliances might be an interference to your wireless signal.  If you keep seeing the signal quality between your AiMesh devices presented on AiMesh page is weak, displaying an orange line, please refer to the following suggestions to move your AiMesh devices for a better signal.


How to distinguish the signal quality in my AiMesh system?

You may click the information icon in the Web GUI to pop up the level chart or refer to picture below.


If you are using wireless connection…

  1. We suggest you to locate your AiMesh router and node between 3-5meters.
  2. Try to place your router and node on flat and hard surface,
  3. Try to place your node in the center of your house. The fewer the walls (and the less substantial their inner material) between your router and node, the better your performance will be. Houses with dense materials like plaster, lath, or chicken wire in the walls are particularly hard for WiFi waves. Whenever possible, aim for direct line of sight between routers.
  4. Routers radiate their signal more upwards than downwards, but mostly along the plane they are placed on. It is best to place your routers at a height halfway between the floor and the ceiling, not on the ground


If you are using an Ethernet backhaul…

1. Check if you are using a CAT 5e/CAT 6 cable. If your cable does not support Gigabit or the cable is almost worn out, we suggest you  replace it.

2. If you use a switch to connect your AiMesh devices, please check if the cable and switch both offer Gigabit Ethernet speed.

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