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How to use the rescue mode of a ASUS router RT-AC66U?

Example: RT-AC66U

Please launch the browser and go to the Driver & Tools page in [RT-AC66U] on the  ASUS Official Website. Please follow the steps in the screenshot below to find the device firmware.

 (1) Download the latest firmware.

  1. Click [Support]
  2. Click [Driver & Utility]
  3. Click [BIOS & FIRMWARE]
  4. Find the latest firmware
  5. Click [DOWNLOAD] to download

(2) Download and install the utility

  1. Click [Support]
  2. Click [Driver & Utility]
  3. Click [Driver & Tools]
  4. Select OS
  5. Click [EXPAND ALL +]
  6. Find ASUS Firmware Restoration utility
  7. Click [DOWNLOAD] to download

8. Find the ZIP file and unzip it.

 9. Double click the file to install.

On your Router

Press the power button to turn off the router.

Press and hold the button [RESTORE] for about 5 seconds.

While still pressing the [RESTORE] button, press the power button to turn on the Wireless Router

If the power light is flashing-slow, this means the wireless router is in Rescue Mode.


Click [Start][Control panel]→ [network and Internet][Network and Sharing Center][Change adapter settings] → [LAN]→ Click[Properties]

Click [Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)]→Click [Properties]
Modify the content of [Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) Properties] as shown below:

The following IP address : IP address: / Subnet mask: → click [OK]

Click[Start][All programs][ASUS Utility][Wireless Router][Firmware Restoration]

At the [Firmware Restoration] window, click [Browse] and choose the latest firmware which you had downloaded.

Click [Upload]

Please wait for 60 seconds

Click [Close] when the Status message shows [Successfully recovered the system. Please wait for system to reboot].

On your Router:

Steady power light indicates the setting procedure of Rescue Mode has been completed successfully.

※ NOTE: Please choose [Obtain an IP address automatically] after the procedure is completed.

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