Jan 10

How to use web graphic user interface (GUI) to setup encryption for a ASUS wireless router? (WPA2-AES)

1. Connect your PC’s Ethernet port to the LAN port on the router using an Ethernet cable.

2. Launch your web browser, then type in to login the web setting page.

3. Input the default user name “admin” and password “admin” on the login page.

4. Follow the instructions below to setup on the main page.

Step1: Click on “AP” figure on the central of the main page

Step2: Create your own SSID (Wireless name)

(After searching, you can find the available wireless router.)

Step3: Select 「WPA2-Personal」from「Security Level」drop-down menu

Step4: Select「AES」from「WPA Encryption」drop-down menu

Step5: You could set a password that must contain 8 characters at least (0~9, A~Z, a~z)

Step6: Click on「Apply」to save your settings.

  • Product RT-N10, RT-N10 Plus, RT-N12, RT-N13, RT-N13U, RT-N15, RT-N16, RT-N56U, WL-500gP V2, WL-520gU
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