Sep 24

Below is the list of different types of mounting brackets for D-Link DCS-6510 camera:

  • DCS-33-1: Flush Mount Bracket for DCS-6510.
  • DCS-33-2: Surface Mount Bracket for DCS-6510.
  • DCS-33-3: Pedant Mount Bracket for DCS-6510.
  • DCS-33-4: Bent Mount Bracket for DCS-6510.

Note: These mounting brackets are not included with camera.

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Sep 22

Q:My D-Link DSH-C310 camera is hot,Is this normal?

A:Yes it is normal because of the aluminum housing.

The camera will get warm quickly and operate within a safe temperature range.

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Nov 17

Step 1: If you have any software firewalls installed (Norton,Mcafee,Kaspersky), try temporarily disabling and running the wizard again.

Step 2: Ensure you are running the latest setup wizard. Please visit to download the latest version for your mydlink camera.

Step 3: Check your Internet Explorer settings. Ensure that the security level is set to Medium-high or Medium. (If set to High, temporarily lower until setup is complete)

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click Settings > Internet Options

  • Click on the Security Tab

Step 4: If the issue still persists, copy the setup wizard files to a USB Flash Drive or External drive and run it from there.

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Nov 15

If you notice flickering when you view the video from your D-Link camera, change the anti-flicker value.


Step 1: Launch and sign in to the D-Link Omna app.


Step 2: Tap the menu in the upper left (3 horizontal lines icon).



Step 3: Tap Accessories.



Step 4: Select the camera you want to modify and then tap Settings.



Step 5: Next to Anti-Flicker, select either 50Hz or 60Hz. The selection will take effect immediately.


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Oct 28

If you have your camera pointing outside form a window or if you have a room with large amounts of light (direct sun light)  you may have noticed the Live view window will display a white image or maybe a silhouette of some items  in front of the screen, This is caused by the frequency setting allowing too much light.

Please follow the steps below to change the settings of a D-Link camera displaying this  symptoms:


STEP 1.  Log in to the camera configuraiton pages


STEP 2. Go to SETUP from the top horizontal menu and select IMAGE SETUP from the vertical menu options.



STEP 3. Look for the Frequency Setting  and select OFF. 



STEP 4.  Go to MAINTENANCE,  select SYSTEM and click on the REBOOT THE DEVICE button



STEP 5. Wait for the camera to reboot (About 1 Min)  and check the LIVE VIDEO tab to make sure the changes have taken effect.



You should now see a cleared picutre of your camera.

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