Oct 30

Issue:Java not load when trying to view D-Link camera through the mydlink portal in Mac OS 10.7



Please make sure that you have Java Applet enable on your MAC. To check please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on Go and then Utilities


Step 2: Click on Java Preferences.


Step 3: Select Enable Applet Plug-in and Web Start Application


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Oct 26

Use this process if your D-Link mydlink Baby Camera is already registered with your mydlink account.

Step 1: Open your browser and enter http://www.mydlink.com/


Step 2: Enter your mydlink ID (email) and password at the login screen and click Sign in.


Step 3: Select the camera and click on the Settings tab.


Step 4: Ensure the Motion Detection checkbox is checked and click the icon.


Step 5: Select the detection area and sensitivity you would like using the drawing tools. Click Next to continue.


Step 6: Click Finish to confirm the motion detection settings.


Step 7: Click Save to save the current configuration.


Step 8: Click Yes to confirm changes.


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Oct 14

In order to view your mydlink™ cam remotely through the mydlink™ portal or using the mydlink™ app, you must register your camera to a mydlink™ account. This is done while running the installation CD or Camera Installer which came supplied with your camera. Please visit http://mydlink.com/support to download the latest installer for your camera.

mydlink™ Web Portal

Step 1: Log into your mydlink™ account at http://mydlink.com

Step 2: Select your mydlink™ camera to view live video.


mydlink™ APP

Step 1: Download and install mydlink™ lite app from app store (for iOS) or Google play (for Android)

Step 2: Log into App with your user mydlink™ username/password

Your Camera(s) are now visible.


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Oct 14

In order to block wireless users through the mydlink app or website your mydlink router must be registered to a mydlink account.

Step 1: Log into your mydlink account at http://mydlink.com


Step 2: Select your router to bring up the Router Status page

Step 3: Under the Connection List, click on the block button to remove the selected user.

Click Apply to confirm the settings.


The selected user will now be blocked from accessing your network/internet and is automatically added to the routers MAC Address Filter.

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Oct 14

Make sure your D-Link camera is turned on and receiving power. To set up your camera for the first time, make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected directly to the camera’s Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi network name should be [myBabyCam-XXXX], where XXXX is a unique 4-digit code (the last 4 digits of your camera’s MAC address – indicated in picture below). Then use the in-app wizard to directly configure the camera.

D-Link Cloud Camera DCS-5222L

If you still can’t find your camera, reset your camera by pressing the reset button on the base of the unit for 10 seconds while it is powered on.

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