Dec 02

Step 1: Check the LED on your D-Link mydlink camera and ensure that it is GREEN.

Step 2: Ensure the camera is connected to your router with an Ethernet cable

Step 3: Ensure that any firewalls you may have installed are configured to allow UDP connections. If you are unsure, temporarily disable any firewalls during the setup.

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Nov 26

Note: Screen shots below are from the Android version of the D-Link mydlink app. The iOS version may vary. When asked to “tap back”, in the iOS version tap the < icon in the upper left corner.


To view videos from the mydlink cloud, follow the steps below:


Step 1: Launch the mydlink app.


Step 2: Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner. You can also tap Event & Video at the bottom.



Step 3: Tap Event & Video.



Step 4: Tap Event.



Step 5: At the top, select the day you want to view video from. The videos will be listed newest to oldest and will display if detected by motion or sound. Tap the video to watch it.



Step 6: You can perform the following on the view video screen:

  • Rotate your device to view full screen
  • Tap the Share icon to send the video via email, text, and other services installed on your device such as YouTube and Instagram
  • Tap the Favorite icon (star) in the upper right to mark the video as a favorite
  • Tap the Camera icon to save an image from the video
  • Tap the play/pause button to pause and play the video
  • Tap the down-arrow icon to save the video to your device



Step 7: Tap back to go back to the list of videos (Timeline). To delete videos, tap Edit in the upper right and then select the videos you want to remove. Tap Remove in the bottom right corner to delete.


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Nov 25

The following example is using an iPhone. The steps will be similar with Android devices. If you want to stream the live video of the camera to your TV you will need Chromecast connected to your TV.


Note: Currently only the DCS-8000LH, DCS-8010LH, DCS-8300LH, DCS-8525LH, DCS-936L, and DCS-5030L cameras are supported on Google Assistant.



Step 1: Launch the Google Assistant app.


Step 2: Tap the icon in the top right corner.



Step 3: Tap the 3 dots in the upper right corner.



Step 4: Tap Settings.



Step 5: Tap Home Control.



Step 6: Tap + in the bottom right corner to add a device.



Step 7: Find mydlink Smart in the menu and select it.



Step 8: Enter your mydlink credentials and tap Sign In.



Once done, mydlink Smart will appear in the Linked Services.


Step 9: Tap the back button.



Step 10: Tap the Devices tab and then tap on your camera.



Step 11: Tap the pencil icon to set a Nickname for the camera. Tap OK.



Step 12: Tap the back button.



Step 13: Tap Rooms.



– Tap + and select a room.



Step 14: Select the camera to add to the room and Tap Done.



You can now use voice commands to stream the live video to your TV.


Note: This requires a Chromecast connected to your TV. 


You can say: Hey Google, What”s on the “device name”

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Mar 25


FIX: Ensure that you have entered the correct IP address of your D-Link Camera along with the correct Username and Password (if any has been configured)

Step 1: Launch D-ViewCam and click Settings >Setting > System Setting

Step 2: Click on the Camera Tab, select your Camera and Click Config

Step 3: Confirm:

  • Correct IP address is Entered
  • Correct Username and Password
  • Correct Make and Model is select

Click OK

The Camera should now be displayed


Download the latest version of D-ViewCam as well as the latest Device Pack here.

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Mar 25

This FAQ only applies to the D-Link DCS-8000LH, 8010LH, 8300LH, and 8525LH cameras. 


To setup your camera with the mydlink app, follow the steps below:


Step 1: Launch the mydlink app. Log in with your mydlink account username and password. This will be the same username and password if you have used the mydlink Lite or mydlink Home app. If you have never created a mydlink account, you can create one.


Step 2: Tap the settings icon (3 lines in the upper left corner).



Step 3: Select Add a Device.



Step 4: Tap Yes to scan the QR code.The QR code is located on the label on the bottom of the camera or on the Wi-Fi configuration card included with the product. If the label or card are missing, tap No and select from the drop-down list.



Step 5: If you tapped Yes, scan the QR code. If you are having trouble scanning the QR code, move to a brighter lit area. If you tapped No, select the camera model from the list.


Step 6: Tap Next. Please wait about a minute (or less).


Step 7:  Tap Device Location to select where your camera will be setup. Select from the list or scroll to the bottom and tap Add Location to create your own.



Step 8: Tap Choose Your Wi-Fi Network. Select the WiFi network you want to connect the camera to (note this should be the same network that your mobile device running this app is on). Enter the Wi-Fi password and then tap Next.




Step 9: If you want this camera to be displayed on the “Home” screen, tap Add to Shortcut (checked by default). Tap Next at the bottom to continue.



Step 10: The camera will now save your Wi-Fi settings, and then bind to your mydlink account. This process can take up to 3 minutes.


Note: If you receive an error during the Setup Wi-Fi process, make sure you are entering the Wi-Fi password correctly. Remember it is case-sensitive. Also make sure the camera is within range of your wireless router, and that the router has DHCP enabled and does not have any filtering which may block the camera from connecting.


If you receive an error during the Binding process, this usually means the camera cannot connect to the mydlink servers. It is best to reboot your router, close the mydlink app, and reset the camera (hold a paperclip in the reset hole for 10 seconds and release. The LED on the back should turn red). Once your router has rebooted, open the mydlink app and set it the camera again. If you continue to get errors, please contact D-Link support at 1-877-453-5465. Support is free and available 24/7.


Step 11: Once the camera setup is finished, the following message will appear. If you want to add the camera to cloud recording, tap Yes, or tap Later.



Step 12: If you tapped Yes, a new Automation will be created to record video detected by motion to your cloud recording subscription (free or paid). Tap the check mark at the top right corner to finish setup.



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