Mar 28

D-LINK HAS REVEALED a new piece of software designed to simplify distributed network management through a single cloud portal.

D-Link Central Wi-Fi Manager CWM-100 is a free toolkit to allow multi-site businesses to manage the network from a central hub.


The software is a free download offered with selected D-Link wireless access point products.

“In a connected world, the network is at the heart of the business. The growth in adoption of cloud-based applications, real-time communication and remote working mean that connectivity is now mission critical,” said Paul Routledge, marketing manager for D-Link UK.

Security is offered via a support structure for local database, external RADIUS server, LDAP and WiFi password authentication and granular user access control.

Management can be assigned to a range of roles with specific access and authorisation levels, augmented by NAT pass through to allow the controller to manage firewalled access points.

Routledge said: “The D-Link Central Wi-Fi Manager allows any network manager – whether an internal employee or an external provider – to deliver real-time monitoring and management, as well as detailed reporting. The end result is a network that is easy to deploy, set up, monitor and upgrade.”

Also included is the ability to create an access point once and then reuse that same configuration over again with other APs.

Reports included are fully graphical, allowing network managers to drill down into the needs and requirements of the network from a technical and user perspective.

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Jan 08

D-Link is “trying to recapture the high end of the market in terms of performance,” VP of marketing Dan Kelley told me in an embargoed interview last month. I haven’t been able to test D-Link’s new Ultra Performance series of 802.11ac Wi-Fi routers and adapters, but their radical industrial designs are sure to turn heads.

D-Link is showing three new routers at CES this week—the D-Link DIR-895L/R, the DIR-890L/R, and the DIR-885L/R—along with the spherical DWA-192/R USB 3.0 Wi-Fi adapter.

The company is also pushing the price envelope, asking enthusiasts to cough up $310 for the model in the middle of the new range. It should be available for purchase now. D-Link says the rest of the lineup will be available in the second quarter, but it has not released pricing guidance on the other new routers or the Wi-Fi adapter.

D-Link’s new DIR-885L/R 802.11ac Wi-Fi router is in the center. The flagship DIR-895L/R is on the left and the DIR-890L is on the right. 

The flagship DIR-895L/R is based on Broadcom’s BCM47094 chipset and can operate two independent networks on the 5GHz frequency band (with theoretical TCP throughput to 802.11ac clients of 2165Mbps on each), and a third network on the 2.4GHz band with theoretical TCP throughput of 1000Mbps. It will be outfitted with eight high-power antennas, and it supports MU-MIMO (multiple users-multiple input/multiple output) technology so that it can stream high-definition video and audio to multiple clients.

The DIR-890L, equipped with six antennas, can also operate two independent 5GHz networks, but its TCP throughput maxes out at 1300Mbps to 802.11ac clients. It delivers throughput up to 600Mbps on its third network, which operates on the 2.4GHz band. The four-antenna DIR-885L/R, meanwhile, operates one 5GHz network with throughput up to 2165Mbps, and one 2.4GHz network with throughput up to 1000Mbps. D-Link arrives at its AC5300 label by summing those numbers. (The AC5600 and throughput numbers in the slide below have been revised downward.)

D-Link’s DIR-895R/L boasts very high specifications, and will likely have a price tag to match when it ships in the second quarter. 

All three of the new routers will feature an all-new user interface that should make it easier to set up and manage your router and network using only a smartphone or tablet—good news for consumers who don’t have a Mac or PC. And all three will support beam forming, D-Link’s QoS engine, and SharePort technology for sharing a USB printer and a USB storage device on the network.

D-Link’s DWA-192 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter is shaped like a ball. 

D-Link describes its D-Link DWA-192/R as an AC1900 Wi-Fi adapter, but arrives at that label by summing its maximum throughput of 1300Mbps on the 5GHz frequency band with its max throughput of 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. As an AC adapter, it has the same specification as the Asus USB-AC56 adapter (although that part supports maximum throughput of only 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band).

I suspect the DWA-192/R’s spherical design will render the adapter more omnidirectional, but I’ll have to wait until I can test one. D-Link expects it to ship in the second quarter, but hasn’t announced pricing.

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Dec 03

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Dec. 2, 2014 

Today D-Link announced it is shipping the mydlink® Network Video Recorder with HDMI Output (D-Link DNR-312L). Designed with small business owners in mind, the DNR-312L NVR is simple to set up and operate and allows users to keep a close eye on their businesses locally with a mouse and HD monitor, or remotely with a phone, tablet or PC. Users can customize the ideal security solution by mixing and matching up to nine D-Link® network cameras, and can view, record and play back footage from all nine cameras simultaneously.


With plug and play configuration, the DNR-312L automatically finds and records video and audio from D-Link network cameras and can be set to record continuously, on a schedule or based on motion. Its single storage bay accepts a hard drive up to 6TB in size, providing a recording retention period of 30 days or longer. A scheduled back-up function allows one or more camera recordings to be backed up to a USB drive, network storage or an FTP server.

“The D-Link DNR-312L NVR is a great solution for restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores, and other small footprint retail locations,” said Vance Kozik, director of marketing for IP Surveillance, D-Link Systems, Inc. “The ability to plug the DNR-312L directly into a 1080p monitor and be able to view, play back and export video without the need for a computer makes this NVR an ideal solution for a small business. The 1080p monitor support also enables a store owner or manager to display live video so customers are aware of the store’s surveillance without having to dedicate additional resources.”

A variety of viewing options exist for the DNR-312L, including web browser, mobile app and the native HDMI port. The graphic user interface look, feel and functionality of the HDMI output is closely matched by the web browser interface for a consistent user experience. Functions include camera search, e-map support and on screen display of date, time, camera name, frame rate, and bandwidth. Additionally, the DNR-312L supports two independent streaming profiles from D-Link network cameras. One stream is high resolution to capture the important details. The second stream is lower resolution and is used for the nine-camera view and for mobile app use. Both streams are simultaneously recorded and available for playback.

More about the D-Link DNR-312L:

  • View, record, play back, export up to nine D-Link network cameras
  • HDMI output for 1080p monitors
  • Free mobile app for viewing live and recorded video
  • Web browser client matches HDMI interface and supports most popular browsers
  • Continuous, scheduled or motion detection recording
  • Two USB ports for mouse and optional storage back-up
  • Pan/tilt/zoom controls for PTZ cameras
  • E-Map function shows map of cameras with activity icons
  • Drag and drop camera support for customizing viewing screen
  • mydlink cloud service included

Pricing & Availability

The DNR-312L is available now for a manufacturer’s suggested price of $349.99. D-Link is also offering a special promotion through Dec. 31, 2014 – for more information, visit

D-Link’s Network Video Recorders and IP surveillance cameras are sold through D-Link’s vast network of channel partners, including value-added resellers, solution providers and distributors. For more information about the DNR-312L, visit For more information about all of D-Link’s IP surveillance solutions for business, visit

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Sep 29

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Sept. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — D-Link today announced two new unmanaged, rack-mountable, 10/100 PoE switches – the 8-port DES-1008P+ and the 16-port DES-1018MP. Both products are designed for demanding applications that require full PoE power (15.4 Watts) on all ports simultaneously, such as surveillance networks with power-hungry IP cameras, or wireless network infrastructures powering 802.11ac access points.

D-Link New PoE Switches

“Some IT professionals and system integrators prefer to future-proof their networks by deploying PoE switches with full power budgets,” said Steven Olen, director of product marketing, D-Link Systems, Inc. “D-Link’s new DES-1008P+ and DES-1018MP give them that peace of mind. Even though they may not need all that power today, they can rest easy knowing it will be available when their networking requirements change tomorrow.”

The DES-1008P+ features eight 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet PoE+ ports, all of which support IEEE 802.3at (30W). With a total PoE power budget of 140 Watts, this switch can comfortably handle 15.4 Watts of PoE on all eight ports simultaneously, with extra power to spare. Its fanless design ensures quiet operation in all environments.

The DES-1018MP features 16 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet ports supporting IEEE 802.3af (15.4 Watts). Its 246.4 Watt power budget allows all 16 ports to drive 802.3af devices simultaneously, without concern of going over budget limits. The DES-1018MP also offers two Gigabit SFP/RJ45 combo uplink ports, which provide plenty of bandwidth back to the core of the network. A smart fan automatically adjusts itself to reduce power consumption and noise, and enhanced surge protection on all PoE ports protects the switch when feeding power to outdoor PoE devices.

Both models come in rugged metal housings that can be desktop or rack mounted, and both utilize an internal 100 – 240 VAC power supply. Like all D-Link® business class Ethernet switches, the DES-1008P+ and DES-1018MP offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty, furthering D-Link’s commitment to product quality and long-term customer confidence.

The new DES-1008P+ and DES-1018MP unmanaged 10/100 PoE switches are currently shipping through D-Link’s vast network of channel partners, including value-added resellers and distributors and online retailers. Detailed specifications are available online at

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Sep 16

Many see home automation as the next big thing in the consumer electronics space and D-Link is keen to plant a flag in the emerging connected smart home with its new mydlink Home range of smart devices. The line includes five modules aimed at letting homeowners control technology around the home using a smartphone or tablet, be it from the comfort of the sofa or when out and about.


The heart of mydlink is made up of four modules designed to keep an eye (or sensor) on the home and react accordingly. According to D-Link, these made to be simple to set up with one-button installation using QR codes and a setup wizard.

The mydlink modules include:

  • Home Monitor HD: This is a one-megapixel camera with wireless AC connectivity, night-vision with infrared illumination and an integrated microphone. This has a fixed point of view and is intended for monitoring entrances, garages, and similar areas.
  • Home Monitor 360: A fully-featured pan and tilt camera, the Monitor 360 is for monitoring large areas or to reduce blind spots. It boasts real-time H.264 and MJPEG compression, night vision capability and an integrated microphone.
  • Home Smart Plug: This Wi-Fi-enabled module is a simple device that plugs into a wall outlet, with appliances then plugged into the module. This allows users to turn appliances on and off remotely, schedule automatic activation and deactivation, receive activity notifications and monitor energy use. The plug also has a overheating safety cutout.
  • Home Wi-Fi Motion Sensor: This motion sensor is a one-piece module that also plugs into a mains socket. It has one-button setup and can detect any movement within 8 m (26 ft).

These modules are controlled by the mydlink Home mobile app, available for Android or iOS, that allows direct control of the modules and can be used to set schedules to turn appliances on and off. It also sends email alerts when activity is detected by the modules, and can be used to pair the wireless modules so they can work together, such as the Motion Sensor pairing wirelessly with a Smart Plug connected to a lamp to turn it on when someone enters the room.

The mydlink system is designed to work in concert with not only the aforementioned modules, but also the mydlink Home Music Everywhere module. This wirelessly streams music from an Android or iOS device, or any network-connected media player that supports DLNA or AirPlay, to a connected speaker of home stereo with a standard 3.5 mm input jack. Like the other modules, it plugs directly into the mains and operates using a secured Wi-Fi connection.


“Most households now have digital music libraries spread across several devices, combined with music from online streaming services. Music Everywhere makes it incredibly easy to tap into these and stream music around the house, without the short range limitations of Bluetooth,” says Kevin Wen, President of D-Link Europe. “For added convenience, it also boosts Wi-Fi coverage in hard-to-reach areas, such as basements and upstairs bedrooms, ensuring a great listening experience no matter where you are in your home. Music Everywhere helps you turn your simple home into a smart home.”

D-Link says that Music Everywhere can not only increase a home Wi-Fi network’s range, but also the speed to upwards of 300 Mbps.

“D-Link’s motto is ‘Home is where the smart is’ and the new mydlink Home range fulfills that perfectly. Our complete smart home ecosystem truly simplifies home automation, control and security,” says Wen. “Most current ‘smart home’ systems are expensive and complicated to install. We are leading the market in developing this affordable, full-featured do-it-yourself suite of home automation solutions. The devices can be used individually or together, set up quickly and don’t require any monthly fees or subscriptions. Now it’s easy to turn your simple home into a smart home.”

The mydlink Home range and Music Everywhere module will go on sale in Europe on October 7 with pricing yet to be announced.

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