Jan 22

D-Link DIR-501 Wireless Router Description

Upgrade Your Network

D-Link introduces the Wireless N 150 Router (DIR-501), which delivers high performance end-to-end wireless connectivity based on Wireless N technology. The DIR-501 provides better wireless coverage and improved speeds over previous-generation Wireless G1. Upgrading your home network to Wireless N 150 provides an excellent solution for experiencing better wireless performance while sharing a broadband Internet connection with multiple computers over a secure wireless network.


Easy To Set Up

The D-Link Setup Wizard quickly configures your new Wireless N 150 Router to get you up and running in minutes. Our Setup Wizard walks you step by step through the installation process to configure your Internet connection, wireless network settings and security, and everything else you need to get your network up and running so you don’t have to be a networking expert to set it up.

Easy To Secure

The D-Link DIR-501 supports the latest wireless security features to prevent unauthorized access, from over the wireless network or from the Internet. Support for WPA™ and WPA2™ ensure the usage of the best possible encryption available, regardless of your client devices. In addition, the D-Link DIR-501 utilizes dual active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks from across the Internet. Plus, the DIR-501 includes Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) with a push button feature that easily sets up and activates your network security functions.

What This Product Does

Create a wireless network to share high-speed Internet access with computers, game consoles, and media players with greater distances and coverage across your home than previous generation Wireless G technology1.

D-Link DIR-501 Features

Upgrade to a Faster Wireless Network with Better Home Coverage than Wireless G1 Advanced Performance based on Wireless N Technology Connect a notebook or desktop PC to a wireless network Faster Connection Speeds for Streaming Videos and File Sharing Easy-to-Use Wireless Security Features.

D-Link DIR-501 Wireless Router User Reviews

1.Good Buy

After a little trouble setting the router code (most likely my fault) the device has been working flawlessly from day one. Down load speed is terrific. I would get another ,if needed, without hesitation.

2.dlinkgo Router $ cheap

Actually the D-Link DIR-501 router works fine but only had it for about a month. This item is realiable enough and your money goes a long way. I am satisfied but I just hope it last and only time will tell. One thing about this I can tell you that the people you call to help you install are professionals and patient. I recommend any problems call technical support. Just be nice to the operators because I am telling its hard working with people that doesn’t know alot abou t computers. I am so thankful they resolve my problem.

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Jan 21

Dlink DIR-505 Moblie Router Introduction

Get the best of all worlds with the handy little Mobile Companion.Share videos, music and photos from any thumb drive or external hard drive to your mobile device,Easy backup of your iPad, iPhone and Android files,Travel router for instant wireless in a hotel or conference room.


What the D-Link DIR-505 does

Imagine being able to share your videos, music and photos from any external hard drive or thumb drive to any iPad, iPhone or Android in your home. What’s more, you can back up your videos, music and photos. And, the Mobile Companion isn’t just for home. If you want to take the Mobile Companion on the road with you, it works as a great travel router/access point, so you can get instant wireless from any hotel or conference room where a network already exists. While you’re out and about, the Mobile Companion can also charge your iPhone or Android smartphone – and it even comes in its own traveling case.

The Device Features

·Router/Access Point, Repeater and Wi-Fi Hot Spot Modes
·IEEE 802.11n and 802.11g Compliant
·Mode Selector Switch
·One 10/100 LAN/WAN port
·SharePort Technology to Share a USB Printer or Storage Over Your Network – Router/AP Mode only
·Supports Power over USB for Added Convenience
·Supports Secure Wireless Encryption Using WPA or WPA2
·Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) Push Button.
·Dual Active Firewalls – SPI and NAT -Router Mode only

User Reviews

The D-Link router DIR-505 comes with one Ethernet port to connect to an Internet source, such as a broadband modem or a network port of a hotel. As a wireless router, it features single stream wireless-N standard (capping at 150Mbps), a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button for fast network setup, and SharePort Cloud for sharing data via the Internet. When not used with an external hard drive, its USB port can also be used to charge a mobile device, such as an iPhone or iPad.


Considering its tiny size, the DIR-505 makes a good device that you want to stick somewhere inside your backpack or a car’s glove compartment for use when needed. It definitely doesn’t take much space at all.

D-Link says the new All-in-One Mobile Companion DIR-505 will be available in April for around $75.

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Oct 18

Eliminate wireless dead spots and unleash comprehensive whole-home coverage on all your devices, all at once – the Whole Home Router 1000 is designed to handle large home networks. SmartBeam sends focused beams of bandwidth to individual wireless devices simultaneously, and delivers uninterrupted connectivity to any device, anywhere in your home. There’s a SharePort™ Plus for streaming USB devices and with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, you can connect your favorite entertainment devices as well, and give them up to 300 Mbps speed and advanced QoS bandwidth prioritization they need for seamless HD video streams, high-performance gaming, and VOIP calls without annoying glitches or lags.

DIR-645 Features:

• Uninterrupted whole home coverage
• Up to 300 Mbps speed
• Advanced QoS bandwidth optimization eliminates glitches or lags
• 6 element beam forming antenna
• 4 high-performance Gigabit Ethernet ports
• SharePort™ Plus Technology for sharing USB 2.0

D-Link DIR-645 Description:

Give Your Wireless Devices The Bandwidth They Crave. Give Them SmartBeam

Build a wireless home network capable of delivering the bandwidth to handle HD video streams, large media file downloads, and online gaming to multiple devices, simultaneously. SmartBeam uses 6 multi-directional antennas to find and track individual devices , then focus beams of bandwidth to those devices, ensuring a seamless connection anywhere in the home. Ideal for large homes or small offices where concrete walls, successive floors in multi-storied buildings, or other architectural impediments can weaken a wireless signal, SmartBeam is designed to handle large home networks and can even power devices across large backyards. Eliminate wireless dead spots and unleash comprehensive whole-home coverage on all your devices, all at once – the Whole Home Router 1000 is provides uninterrupted connectivity to any device, anywhere in your home or small office.

Now Playing: Everything

The Whole Home Router 1000 has not only been engineered to deliver seamless connectivity to your favorite wireless devices, but comes equipped with 4 high-performance Gigabit Ethernet ports to power your digital entertainment system as well. HDTVs, the Boxee Box by D-Link, Blu-Ray Players, xBox 360®, Playstation 3 –Connect your favorite performance devices and give them the 300 Mbps speed and advanced QoS bandwidth prioritization they need for seamless iPad® HD video streams, high-performance gaming, and VOIP calls without annoying glitches or lags. Connect Printers, NAS servers – even security cameras – Shareport Plus USB 2.0 lets you stream from any USB device.

Advanced Home Networking. Simple Setup

High-performance entertainment devices. Wireless signals anywhere in your home. Multiple laptops. Network storage systems. iPads, iPhones – It used to be that designing a home network capable of handling so many devices required some serious hardware and some seriously messy installation. Not with Amplifi™- the Whole Home Router 1000 has not only been engineered with the power to handle all of your digital demands, but with the smarts to put it at the tip of your fingers. Whole Home Routers offer Wireless G backwards compatibility. IPv6 allows for intelligent self-detect and router setup and with push-button connectivity and 128-bit security encryption standard, a secure home network is as simple as plug and play.

128-bit Security Encryption

The Whole Home Router 1000 protects your network with 128-bit AES data security encryption – the same technology used in E-commerce or online banking. Create your own network name and password or put it at the tip of your fingers with ‘Push Button Security’ standard on every Amplifi device.

D-Link DIR-645 User Reviews:

D-Link introduced its own by announcing its Amplifi family of high-performance home networking solutions.

The company says the new products are designed to offer fast performance for even the most demanding connected homes. They include two routers (the HD Media Router 1000 with HD Fuel DIR-657 and the Whole Home Router 1000 DIR-645), a Wi-Fi Booster (DAP-1525) and three Powerline 500 products (DHP-500AV, DHP-501AV, and DHP-540). Though announced today, most of these products were first introduced during CES 2011 D-Link says that the HD Media Router 1000 with HD Fuel (DIR-657) is capable of automatically managing traffic flow and and prioritizing broadband connections for different services, such as media streaming, gaming, or voice over IP. The router boasts Gigabit Ethernet ports, USB SharePort Plus, and an SD card slot for accessing HD media and streaming USB devices.

The Whole Home Products with SmartBeam, similarly, optimizes home wireless network bandwidth to handle HD video streams. D-Link claims that its SmartBeam uses six multidirectional antennas to find and track individual devices, then focuses beams of bandwidth to those devices, to ensure stable wireless connections.

Both new routers are single-band (2.4Ghz) and supports 300Mbps wireless N standard. This is rather surprising, as most recent high-end routers feature true dual-band and/or the higher 450Mbps wireless standard. To make up for this, both of the new routers support IPv6 natively.

The new Wi-Fi Booster (DAP-1525), on the other hand, does support dual-band (selectable 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz). It’s essentially a wireless bridge, similar to the D-Link’s previous version, the DAP-1513, and is designed to extend an existing router’s wireless signal to up to four Ethernet-ready devices. The new device features Gigabit Ethernet, SharePort Plus, Wi-Fi Protected Setup, and IPv6 support.

If the new routers seem a little behind the time due to the lack of support for true dual-band, D-Link’s new Powerline products are all features the latest 500Mbps speed (as opposed to the 200Mbps of the HomePlug AV standard). The three new products include a single adapter (DHP-500AV), a kit that include two adapters (DHP-501AV), and a PowerLine AV 500 four-port Gigabit Switch (DHP-540). Apart from that, they share the same function of turning a home’s electrical wiring into a network, extending the existing network to the far corner of the home.

Apart from the DIR-645 that will be available in August (at the estimated price of around $120), the rest of the products are available now. The HD Media router DIR-657 is slated to cost $150, the Wi-Fi Booster (DAP-1525) is $160 and the three Powerline products, DHP-500AV adapter, DHP-501AV Starter Kit and DHP-540 Four-Port Gigabit Switch have the price tags of $100, $160, and $200, respectively.

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Sep 21

D-Link DIR-815 Description

Dual band performance with up to 300Mbps speed on each band. Dual Band means you can power multiple wireless devices, simultaneously, without sacrificing connectivity. It’s like having 2 high-performance Wi-Fi networks in your home.

The D-Link® Wireless N Dual Band Router (DIR-815) features simultaneous wireless bands with a faster wireless network than previous generation wireless G devices, enabling you to create a faster Wi-Fi network with superior home coverage. Connect the DIR-815 to a cable or DSL modem and provide high-speed Internet access to multiple computers, game consoles, and media players. Create a secure wireless network to share photos, files, music, printers, and more, from greater distances throughout your entire home or office. With D-Link’s award-winning QoS engine that prioritizes time-sensitive online traffic, this router enables smooth Internet phone calls (VoIP) and responsive gaming.



Dual Band is two Wi-Fi networks in one router. The dual band technology in the DIR-815 supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless signals simultaneously. You can check e-mail and browse the Internet using the 2.4GHz band while playing games and streaming HD movies on the clearer 5GHz band. This prevents both signals from getting overloaded and avoids interference and lag when you’re watching movies or gaming.


• IEEE 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11a Compliant
• Dual Band Technology for Superior Wireless Performance
• Wi-Fi® Protected Setup™ (WPS) for simple Push-Button Wireless Network Configuration
• Built-in QoS Engine Enhances Internet Experience
• 4-Port 10/100 Switch
• Supports Secure Wireless Encryption Using WPA™ or WPA2™
• 24/7 Basic Installation Support
• 1-Year Limited Warranty

D-Link DIR-815 User Reviews

“A very great router.” said by yprtb

Pros: Speed, range is very good. A lot better then my old wireless G router with speedboost from linksys. The price. I got mine for 49.99 price match. Thanks google shopper & android. =] Anyways, For the price i payed I am very satisfied! I enjoy the new s

Cons: Cant really think of anything. It needs a firmware update to fix some lag on the page for setup. Other then that, nothing really.

D-Link DIR-815 on Amazon:

Click Here to Buy DIR-815 on Amazon

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Jul 29

1.DHCP Server Settings

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Control Protocol. The DIR-665 has a built-in DHCP server. The DHCP Server will automatically assign an IP address to the computers on the LAN/private network. Be sure to set your computers to be DHCP clients by setting their TCP/IP settings to “Obtain an IP Address Automatically.” When you turn your computers on, they will automatically load the proper TCP/IP settings provided by the DIR-665. The DHCP Server will automatically allocate an unused IP address from the IP address pool to the requesting computer. You must specify the starting and ending address of the IP address pool.


Enable DHCP Server:

Check this box to enable the DHCP server on your router. Uncheck to disable this function.

DHCP IP Address Range:

Enter the starting and ending IP addresses for the DHCP server’s IP assignment.

Note: If you statically (manually) assign IP addresses to your computers or devices, make sure the IP addresses are outside of this range or you may have an IP conflict.

DHCP Lease Time:

The length of time for the IP address lease. Enter the Lease time in minutes.

Always Broadcast:

Enable this feature to broadcast your networks DHCP server to LAN/WLAN clients.

NetBIOS Announcement:

NetBIOS allows LAN hosts to discover all other computers within the network, enable this feature to allow the DHCP Server to offer NetBIOS configuration settings.

Learn NetBIOS from WAN:

Enable this feature to allow WINS information to be learned from the WAN side, disable to allow manual configuration.

NetBIOS Scope:

This feature allows the configuration of a NetBIOS ‘domain’ name under which network hosts operates. This setting has no effect if the ‘Learn NetBIOS information from WAN’ is activated.

NetBIOS Mode Type:

Select the different type of NetBIOS node: Broadcast only, Point-to-Point, Mixed-mode, and Hybrid.

Primary/Secondary WINS IP Address:

Enter your Primary (and Secondary) WINS IP address(es).

2.DHCP Reservation

If you want a computer or device to always have the same IP address assigned, you can create a DHCP reservation. The router will assign the IP address only to that computer or device.

Note: This IP address must be within the DHCP IP Address Range.


Check this box to enable the reservation.

Computer Name:

Enter the computer name or select from the drop-down menu and click <<.

IP Address:

Enter the IP address you want to assign to the computer or device. This IP Address must be within the DHCP IP Address Range

MAC Address

Enter the MAC address of the computer or device.

Copy Your PC’s MAC Address:

If you want to assign an IP address to the computer you are currently on, click this button to populate the fields.


Click Save to save your entry. You must click Save Settings at the top to activate your reservations.

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