Sep 04

If you are connecting the D-Link router DIR-825 to another router to use as a wireless access point and/or switch, you will have to do the following before connecting the router to your network:

• Disable UPnP™
• Disable DHCP
• Change the LAN IP address to an available address on your network. The LAN ports on the router cannot accept a DHCP address from your other router.

To connect to another router, please follow the steps below:

1. Plug the power into the router. Connect one of your computers to the router (LAN port) using an Ethernet cable. Make sure your IP address on the computer is (where xxx is between 2 and 254). Please see the Networking Basics section for more information. If you need to change the settings, write down your existing settings before making any changes. In most cases, your computer should be set to receive an IP address automatically in which case you will not have to do anything to your computer.

2. Open a web browser and enter and press Enter. When the login window appears, set the user name to Admin and leave the password box empty. Click Log In to continue.

3. Click on Advanced and then click Advanced Network. Uncheck the Enable UPnP checkbox. Click Save Settings to continue.

4. Click Setup and then click Network Settings. Uncheck the Enable DHCP Server checkbox. Click Save Settings to continue.

5. Under DIR-825 Router Settings, enter an available IP address and the subnet mask of your network. Click Save Settings to save your settings. Use this new IP address to access the configuration utility of the router in the future. Close the browser and change your computer’s IP settings back to the original values as in Step 1.

6. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the DIR-825 router and reconnect your computer to your network.

7. Connect an Ethernet cable in one of the LAN ports of the router and connect it to your other router. Do not plug anything into the Internet (WAN) port of the D-Link router.

8. You may now use the other 3 LAN ports to connect other Ethernet devices and computers. To configure your wireless network, open a web browser and enter the IP address you assigned to the router. Refer to the Configuration and Wireless Security sections for more information on setting up your wireless network.

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Aug 31

Step 1: Log into the D-Link router´s User Interface.

Step 2: Navigate to the Storage tab and select Storage Access (located on the left-hand side).

Step 3: Select User or Group for the category. Click the drop-down arrow to specify a user or a group, create a share name and click on the Browse button to specify a folder on the drive.


Step 4: A window will open showing you the root of the drive. Click the drive name to specify a folder.


Step 5: If you do not have any folders inside your root you can create new folders. Otherwise click Apply to any folder and click Save.

D-Link Adapter-c

Step 6: Click Save Setting after applying what user/group has access to their folders.


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Aug 30

You can use the Virtual Server to forward an individual port to one of your computers. You cannot forward the same port to multiple computers. In order to configure the D-Link Virtual Server you need to know the IP address of the computer that needs the port opened and the service port number. The links below will help you find the IP address of your machine. If you don’t know which port needs to be opened, try checking the software manufacture’s support website for information on use behind firewall.

Configuring the Virtual Server on D-Link DI-604:

Step 1: Access the device configuration by entering in your web browser. Login with your username and password. The default username is admin and the password is blank.

Step 2a: If the port you need to forward is a common port, it will be under the predefined virtual server list at the bottom of the page. Click the pad and paper icon next to the virtual server entry you want to use. The Protocol Type and Service Port fields are preconfigured. Click the Enable radio button to use the virtual server. Enter the private IP address of the computer that will use the service port. Configure the Schedule as needed, then Apply your settings.


Step 2b: If the port you need to forward is not listed under the predefined virtual server list at the bottom of the page, you can create a new entry for your application. Click the Enable radio button to use the virtual server. Give your virtual server a name. Next, enter the private IP address of the computer that will use the service port. Then, select the Protocol Type and enter the Service Port. If you don’t know how to use Private and Public port assignment, then just enter the same port number in both fields. Configure the Schedule as needed and Apply your settings.


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Aug 29

Step 1: Log onto the D-Link DI-614+ configuration page ( in your browser). Log in by entering your username into the login box (admin by default).

Step 2: Select the Status tab. Under Device Info, locate the LAN MAC address (Ethernet MAC). This is the address you will enter into the configuration of the D-Link DWL-900AP+. Make sure you write it down correctly.

Step 3: Click on the Home tab and select Wireless on the left pane. Write down the SSID.

Step 4: Log into the configuration page of the DWL-900AP+ ( in your browser). Log in by entering your username into the login box (admin by default).

Step 5: Select the Advanced tab. Under Mode, select Wireless Client. In the Remote AP MAC box you will enter the LAN MAC address that you copied from the configuration of the D-Link DI-614+. When entering the MAC address, do not include colons (:) or dashes (-). Click on the Apply button to save your settings. Click Continue.

Step 6: Click on the Home tab and select Wireless on the left pane. Enter the SSID as it is on the DI-614+ (case-sensitive). Click Apply and then Continue.

Step 7: Turn the DI-614+ and the D-Link DWL-900AP+ off for a few seconds. Turn the D-Link DI-614+ on first, wait until the lights are steady, then turn the D-Link DWL-900AP+ back on.

Step 8: The DI-614+ and the DWL-900AP+ should now be able to communicate wirelessly, if not, then verify the LAN MAC address you entered into the DWL-900AP+ configuration is correct.

Note: When the DWL-900AP+ is in “client” mode, other wireless clients will not be able to connect to the D-Link DWL-900AP+.

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Aug 29

Step 1. Create a Folder on the Desktop Screen:

From a blank spot the Desktop Screen, press and hold the Control key on the keyboard and click the mouse button. Release the Control key, click New Folder, and name it firmware.

Step 2. Retrieve Firmware from Website:

Click link below and download file to the folder created in step 1.

Download Di-614+ Firmware here

Step 3. Upgrade the Firmware:

A. From the Main Desktop Screen, launch Internet Explorer or Netscape.

B. Type in the Address bar and click Go.

C. For the User ID, type admin and click OK.

D. Click Tools on the top and then click Firmware on the left side.

E. Click Browse>Desktop>firmware, double click D-Link di6xx_firmware_203.bin and click Apply. Wait for approx. 15 seconds or until the M2 light stops flashing on the DI-6xx unit then click Continue.

F. This takes you back to the Tools page. Check the Current Firmware Version on the Tools page to confirm that the firmware loaded successfully.

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