Sep 14

The D-Link DIR-506L connects to your cable modem, DSL modem, or other Internet source and shares your Internet connection with your devices wirelessly, providing Internet access for an entire home or office. You can also share files with other computers or devices on your wireless network by using the SharePort Mobile feature.

D-Link DIR-506L Features and Hardware Overview

• Faster Wireless Networking

– The provides an up to 150 Mbps* wireless connection with other 802.11n wireless clients. This capability allows users to participate in real-time activities online, such as video streaming, online gaming, and real-time audio.

• Compatible with 802.11g Devices

– The is still fully compatible with the IEEE 802.11g standards, so it can connect with existing 802.11g devices.

• Advanced Firewall Features

– The Web-based user interface displays a number of advanced network management features including:

• Content Filtering

– Easily applied content filtering based on MAC address and website address.

• Filter Scheduling

– These filters can be scheduled to be active on certain days or for a duration of hours or minutes.

• Secure Multiple/Concurrent Sessions

– The can pass through VPN sessions. It supports multiple and concurrent IPSec and PPTP sessions, so users behind the can securely access corporate networks.

• User-friendly Setup Wizard

– Through its easy-to-use Web-based user interface, the lets you control what information is accessible to those on the wireless network, whether from the Internet or from your company’s server. Configure your router to your specific settings within minutes.

Hardware Overview

D-Link DIR-506L Features and Hardware Overview

1.Device Status LED Indicator

If Device Status LED is flashing green when the device is on, power is being provided by the battery.
If Device Status LED is solid green when the device is on, battery is fully charged and power adapter attached.
If Device Status LED is solid amber when the device is on, the device is charging the battery.
If Device Status LED is solid amber when the device is off with the battery inside, the battery is charging.
If Device Status LED is solid red when the device is on, the battery is low.
If Device Status LED is flashing red when the device is on, the battery temperature is high.
If Device Status LED is off and the power adapter is plugged in, and battery has finished charging.
If Device Status LED is off, no power adapter is plugged in and no battery is inside.

2.WPS Button

Pressing the WPS button allows additional devices to connect securely and automatically.

3.Reset Button

Pressing the Reset button restores the DIR-506L to its original factory default settings.

4.USB Port

Connect a USB flash drive to configure the wireless settings using SharePort™ Mobile and SharePort™ Web File Access.
Both allow you to share a USB or a storage device with your local network.

5.USB LED Indicator

If the USB LED is solid green, a USB storage device is attached.
If the USB LED is flashing green, the DIR-506L is accessing files in the USB storage device.

6.Ethernet LED Indicator

If the Ethernet LED is solid green, an Ethernet connection is established
If the Ethernet LED is flashing green, data packets are being transferred via Ethernet

7.Wi-Fi LED Indicator

If the Wi-Fi LED is flashing green, a data packet transferred.
If the Wi-Fi LED is flashing green every second for two minutes, it is showing the WPS status.

D-Link DIR-506L Router Setup Diagram

D-Link DIR-506L Router Setup Diagram

D-Link DIR-506L Router Setup Diagram

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Sep 13

D-Link DIR-506L SharePort™ Go Mobile Companion Overview

Stream movies, music and photos to all your devices

D-Link DIR-506L SharePort™ Go Mobile Companion Overview

Sit back and enjoy your media files whether you’re at home or on a long road trip. Connect to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device with the free SharePort™ Mobile app. The app uses icons for easy navigation. What’s more, you can view and share music, videos and photos from your USB storage device to your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Wirelessly expand your iPad and Smartphone storage

DIR506L Wirelessly expand storage

DIR506L Wirelessly expand storage

The SharePort™ Go adds portable, wireless storage to your iPhone, iPad and Android device, giving you more capacity for your favorite media. Just plug in a USB drive to instantly access and share your favorite movies, music, and photos – it’s that simple!

Turn any Internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Tired of weak wireless signal in your hotel room? Setting up for a conference and need a wireless network connection? The handy, little SharePort Mobile Companion is great for your traveling needs. Utilize the All-In-One Mobile Companion as a travel router or access point for instant strong wireless bandwidth anywhere where a wired network connection already exists.

The SharePort Go’s flexible operation modes, include:

  • Router/AP
  • Wi-Fi HotSpot

Charge and go!

DIR506L Charger

DIR506L Charger

Charging your SharePort Go is fast and easy. Simply use the included USB cable to plug it into your PC or laptop’s USB port; or, connect to an AC outlet using a standard USB power adapter, like the one you use with your iPhone or Android (USB power adapter not included). The SharePort Go will even charge your Smartphone, giving you an extra power source for your Smartphone when you need it. The rechargeable battery delivers up to 4 hours of ultimate mobility.

Easy to Set Up and Easy to Use

Setting up the SharePort Go is quick and simple. Connect to it wirelessly with a PC or mobile device and follow the steps in the built-in Setup Wizard to configure. With D-Link’s One-Touch AP Configuration and Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button, connecting to an existing wireless network or adding wireless devices can be done with a push of a button.

D-Link also provides a free Quick Router Setup Mobile® (QRS) app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device for setting up the SharePort Go with your mobile device. It couldn’t be easier.

D-Link DIR-506L SharePort™ Go Mobile Companion Reviews

  • Stream and share media to your mobile devices
  • Transform any Internet connection into a Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Turn any USB Flash drive into a wireless drive to unlock and unleash your content to all your mobile devices
  • Compact design and rechargeable battery deliver the ultimate in mobile connectivity

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Sep 13

In some countries, hotel rooms are connected via a LAN cable and Wi-Fi may be an optional paid service. That’s nice for a laptop, but what happens when you have a tablet or smartphone that you want to connect wirelessly?

A pocket router like the D-Link DIR-506L may be the answer.

Launched here late last week, this little gizmo lets you share a connection wirelessly among roommates at a hotel and even works on a rechargeable battery. You can plug it into a wall jack, but if you really want to bring it along on the go, it can be charged via USB as well.

Share an Internet connection on the go with this D-Link pocket router

Share an Internet connection on the go with this D-Link pocket router

But more than just a router, the D-Link DIR-506L has a built-in Shareport feature that lets you wirelessly share the contents of a hard drive or thumb drive plugged to its USB port.

In other words, if you got files to share, say, photos that you and your project group require on the road, this S$89 gadget will let everyone have them while you are all on the bus travelling from one place to another.

Finally, the DIR-506L can also double up as a tiny, unobtrusive repeater for your Wi-Fi network at home. In this mode, it merely helps to extend your wireless network while staying neatly out of sight.

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Apr 25

The firewall security features built into the D-Link DI-624 router prevent users from accessing the video from the D-Link DCS-2120 over the Internet. The router connects to the Internet over a series of numbered ports. The ports normally used by the D-Link DCS-2120 are blocked from access over the Internet. Therefore, these ports need to be made accessible over the Internet. This is accomplished using the Virtual Server function on the DI-624 router. The Virtual Server ports used by the camera must be opened through the router for remote access to your camera. Virtual Server is accessed by clicking on the Advanced tab of the router screen.

Follow these steps to configure your router’s Virtual Server settings:

**In this example, we are using the DI-624. The Virtual Server interface may differ depending on your router*.

Follow these steps to configure the Virtual Server settings of the D-Link DI-624:

Step 1: Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer and enter the IP address of your router ( Enter username (admin) and your password (leave blank).

Step 2: Click on the Advanced tab and then the Virtual Server button on the left.

Step 3: Click Enabled.

Step 4: Enter a different name for each entry.

Step 5: Enter your camera’s local IP Address Private IP field.

Step 6: Select TCP for HTTP port and both (TCP and UDP) for RTSP port.

Step 7: If you are using the default camera port settings, enter 80 into the Public and Private Port section, click Apply.

Step 8: Scheduling should be set to Always so that the camera images can be accessed at any time.

Repeat the above steps adding the port 554 to both the Public and Private Port sections. A check mark appearing before the entry name will indicate that the ports are enabled.

Important: Some ISPs block access to port 80 and other commonly used Internet ports to conserve bandwidth. Check with your ISP so that you can open the appropriate ports accordingly. If your ISP does not pass traffic on port 80, you will need to change the port the camera uses from 80 to something else, such as 800. Not all routers are the same, so refer to your user manual for specific instructions on how to open ports.

Enter valid ports in the Virtual Server section of your router. Please make sure to check the box next to the D-Link camera name on the Virtual Server List to enable your settings.

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Apr 25

This FAQ is for the D-Link DI-514, DI-524, DI-604, DI-614+, DI-624, DI-624S, DI-774, and DI-784.

Step 1: Open your web browser and type the IP address of the D-Link wireless router in the address bar (default is Press Enter.

Step 2: The default username is admin and the password is blank (nothing). Click OK.

Step 3: Click on the Home tab then click LAN to the left.

Step 4: Next to IP Address enter the new IP address. Next to Subnet Mask enter the correct subnet mask for the IP address entered. Enter a Local Domain Name if applicable.

Note: You will need to use this new IP address to log into the unit.

Step 5: Click Apply and then click Continue to save the settings.

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