Dec 17


VLAN 1 can communicate with VLAN 2 but VLAN2 cannot access VLAN 1. Both VLANS can access the internet.

Lan Interface:

Default VLAN— VID-1—Ports 1-8
Vlan1    VLAN— VID 2—Ports 9-24
Port 1 will be tagged and connected to the DFL-210/800/1600.

Setup of D-Link DGS-3024

Step 1:From command line interface of DGS-3024:
DGS-3024# create vlan Vlan1 tag 2
DGS-3024# config vlan default delete 9-24
DGS-3024# config vlan Vlan1 add untagged 9-24
DGS-3024# config vlan default add tagged 1
DGS-3024# config vlan Vlan1 add tagged 1
DGS-3024# save



Setup of DFL-210

Step 1: Click on Objects and Interface Address. Add New IP address for the following:


Step 2: Click on Interfaces and VLAN. Add New VLAN.
Name: VLAN1
Interface: lan

IP Address: VLAN1
Network: VLAN1_Net
Default Gateway: None

Click OK.

Step 3: Click on Interfaces and VLAN. Add New VLAN.
Name: VLAN2
Interface: lan
IP Address: VLAN2
Network: VLAN2_Net
Default Gateway: None

Click OK.

Step 4: Click on Objects and Interface Address. Add New IP4 group.
Name: All_Internal_Nets
Select: lannet, VLAN1_net, VLAN2_net

Click OK.

Step 5: Click on Interfaces and select Interface Groups. Add New Interface Group.
Name: All_Internal_Interfaces
Select: lan, Vlan1, Vlan2

Click OK.

Step 6: Click on Rules, IP Rules, Lan to WAN. Edit The following 4 Rules:

Note: Each of the rules will need to be edited and have the new interface/nets applied.

Step 6: Click on Rules, IP Rules. Add New IP Folder (Optional).
Name: Vlan_Rules

Click OK.

Step 7: Add new IP Rule.
Name: Allow_VLAN1_to_VLAN2
Action: Allow
Service: All Services
Schedule: None
Source Interface: VLAN1
Source Network: VLAN1_Net
Destination Interface: VLAN2
Destination Network: VLAN2_Net

Step 7: Click Configuration Tab and click Save and Activate.

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Dec 03

Step 1: Connect the serial cable to the switch and connect using a terminal application (ex: hyperterminal, Teraterm…etc.)

Step 2: Reboot the D-Link switch and select 2 to start the boot menu.

Step 3: Select number 10 to (Restore configuration to factory defaults (delete config files) and number one to start operation code than click on Enter.


CPU Card ID: 0xa28245
Boot Menu Version (Date): 14 MAR 2008
Select an option. If no selection in 10 seconds then
operational code will start.

1 – Start operational code.
2 – Start Boot Menu.
Select (1, 2):2

Boot Menu Version (Date): 14 MAR 2008

Options available
1- Start operational code
2- Change baud rate
3- Retrieve event log using XMODEM
4- Load new operational code using XMODEM
5- Display operational code vital product data
6- Run flash diagnostics
7- Update boot code
8- Delete operational code
9- Reset the system
10 – Restore configuration to factory defaults (delete config files)
11 – Activate Backup Image
[Boot Menu] 10
[Boot Menu] 1

Operational Code Date: Tue Aug 17 01:16:14 2010
Uncompressing….. 100%
Attaching interface lo0…done

Adding 41648 symbols for standalone.

(Unit 1)>

Step 4) Login to the DWS both Telnet or WEB, using the default ID “admin” without Password.

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Nov 23

This FAQ will cover how to setup Port Based VLANS on Web Smart switches. This configuration guide will setup your switch with two VLANs.

Note: You can setup more than two VLANs. Please follow this guide and repeat from Step 3 for each new VLAN.

For this FAQ we will use a D-Link DGS-1248T, but this FAQ can be used to configure any Web Smart switch.

The examples given are using the following Test Lab setup:
1x DI-624: IP address
1x DGS-1248T: IP address
1x Windows XP PC (PC1): IP address
1x Windows XP PC (PC2): IP address
(Browser used for both PCs: Internet Explorer 6.0.x)

PC 1 will be plugged into port number 1 of the DGS-1248T.
PC 2 will be plugged into port number 10 of the DGS-1248T.
DI-624 (Ethernet port number 4) will be plugged into port number 48 of the DGS-1248T.

We will be using the default VLAN and one additional VLAN, (VLAN ID 2).

NOTE: The Internet connection MUST be a port that is a member of the default VLAN. Please do not change the PVID of the Internet connection.

Step 1 Log into the DGS-1248T from PC 1. Click on the VLAN link located on the left hand side.


Step 2 Click on the Add New VID button.


Step 3 Type in the new VID number. This must be a number between 2-4094.
For this FAQ we will use the number 2. Check mark the ports you want in your new VLAN, including your Internet connection and click Apply. For this FAQ we will check mark port number 10 (PC2) and port number 48 (Internet Connection). Click Apply, this will bring you back to the main VLAN page.


Step 4 From the main VLAN configuration page use the top drop down menu and select the Port VID settingoption.

Step 5 Here you can change the PVID numbers for your physical ports.
For this FAQ we will change the PVID of port 10 to have a PVID of 2, since “2” is the PVID number we gave to the new VLAN. This will prevent the two VLANs from passing traffic but still allow for Internet Connection.


PLEASE NOTE: Do not change the PVID number for the Internet connection. Leave the Internet Connection on the Default PVID.

Step 6 As you can see from our picture, we can no longer ping PC 2 from PC 1 but we can ping


We can also no longer ping PC 1 from PC 2 but we can ping


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Nov 18

Note: This FAQ only applies to the D-Link DES-3226L Revision B.You can reset the unit to factory defaults using the following method:


Facing the front of the switch, the Reset pin hole will be to the very right.

Using a paperclip, press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.

The D-Link DES-3226L should now be at factory defaults.

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Nov 15

Step 1: Log into the unit by entering the switch’s IP address in a web browser. The default username is adminwith no password.


Step2: Choose the menu L2 Features->VLAN->Static VLAN on the left hand side.


Step 3: In the row for VID 1 click the Modify button. Switch any port that will be untagged on your new VLAN to the None radio button for that port. Click Apply when finished.


Step 4: Click the Show All Static VLAN Entries link. Click on the Add button. Enter your desired VID and VLAN Name for your new VLAN. Any port you wish to be a member should have its Egress radio button selected. Untagged members require no further modification. Tagged members must also have the Tag check box checked. Hit Apply when finished.


Step 5: Select the menu Save Services->Save Changes. Click the Save button.


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