Dec 23

NOTE: This example shows the setup of the D-Link DIR-L1900 using Android OS. Apple/iOS setup should be the same/similar.


Step 1: Download and install the D-Link Wi-Fi app on your Android OS/Apple iOS device.



Step 2: Launch the D-Link Wi-Fi app, and tap Install New Device.



Step 3: Tap Scan the QR code, then scan the QR code that can be located on the bottom of the router or on the quick install card.



Step 4: This unit has router and extender mode, in this example we will configure it as a router. Tap SELECT.



Step 5: Unplug the power to your modem or gateway, then tap NEXT.


NOTE: Make sure all lights are off on the modem, if not then you may need to remove the battery from the modem.



Step 6: Connect the Ethernet cable from your modem/gateway into the Internet port on the DIR-L1900.


– Tap NEXT



Step 7: Power the modem/gateway back on and wait for it to start up, then tap NEXT.


NOTE: If you removed the battery from your modem, re-insert it before powering the modem back on.



Step 8: Power the DIR-L1900 on, then tap NEXT.


NOTE: The LED will be red at first, and then will start  flashing orange when the unit is ready for setup. If the LED is not lit make sure you press the power button.



Step 9: When the device LED starts blinking orange, then tap NEXT.



Step 10: Here you can specify what wireless network name your DIR-L1900 will broadcast. Enter a new network name, then enter a new wireless password, then tap NEXT.



Step 11: Create a device admin password, then tap NEXT.



Step 12: Select the option to keep your device up to date, then tap NEXT.



Step 13: Tap SAVE, the router will now save your changes.



Step 14: If you would like to link the DIR-L1900 to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or IFTTT, then tap Register (Optional). Or tap Not Now.


NOTE: In this example we selected Not Now,



Step 15: Tap FINISH.


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Nov 25

Signal strength drop or fluctuation are common causes of RF interference.

Try these basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Change the channel on your access point or wireless router.
  • Change the location of your wireless products. Subtle changes (2-3 feet) can make a big difference. Do not put the access point or wireless router in a cabinet or enclosure.
  • 2.4GHz phones, X-10, and bluetooth devices will interfere with your wireless network. Change the location of the base for your phone, or downgrade to 900Mhz phones, or upgrade to 5.8GHz phones.
  • The wireless signal will degrade (or die completely) when going through brick (fireplace), metal (file cabinet), steel, lead, mirrors, water (fish tank), large appliances, glass, etc.


Nov 22

Step 1: Log into the setup page of the D-Link DWC-1000

Step 2: Click on the Advanced tab

Step 3: Select Routing, and click on Static Routing

Step 4: Click on Add

Step 5: Enter the following information:

Name: <>
Active: Enable
Destination IP Address:
IP Subnet Mask:
Interface: LAN>VLAN
Gateway IP Address: <desired gateway>
Metric: 2

Step 6: Click on Save Settings

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Nov 20

• If you have not changed your Wi-Fi settings from the factory defaults, you can use the information from the provided Wi-Fi Configuration card to connect to the router.



• If you have changed your Wi-Fi settings, you should access the web-based configuration utility (see note) and complete the Setup Wizard again.

NOTE: See “How to login to configure the DIR-510L”

• Make sure you write down the settings displayed at the end of the Setup Wizard, so that you can enter them into each wirelessly connected device.

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Oct 30

It is recommended to configure data rate on your wireless access point before your wireless adapters. Most wireless adapters will “find” your wireless network by the SSID you assigned to the access point, and then will automatically lock onto the data rate of the access point.

Note: It is strongly recommended to keep this setting at Auto.

Step 1 Log into the web configuration of the DWL-2100AP by opening up a web browser and typing in the IP address of the Access Point (

Step 2 The default username is admin (all lower case) and the password is blank (nothing). Click OK.

Step 3 Click on the Advanced tab and then click Performance on the left side.

Step 4 Select a fixed speed from the drop-down menu.

Step 5 Click on the Apply button then click on the Continue button to save your settings.

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