Feb 23

To turn off the auto-renew feature or cancel your D-Link mydlink cloud recording subscription, follow the steps below:


Note: Once cancelled, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. Also, this process will not refund your money. 





Step 1: On your device, open the Play Store app. Make sure you are signed in with the Google account you used to subscribe (not necessarily your mydlink email).


Step 2: In the upper left, tap the menu icon (3 horizontal lines).



Step 3: Tap Subscriptions and then tap the mydlink subscription.



Step 4: Tap Cancel Subscription.





Step 1: Go to the device Settings.



Step 2: Tap iTunes & App Store.



Step 3: Tap Apple ID:.and then tap View Apple ID.



Step 4: Tap Subscriptions and find the mydlink app. Tap Cancel Subscription.



Step 5: Tap Confirm.


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