Nov 02

Step 1: Find and select the Settings icon on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPAD.


Step 2: Select Wi-Fi from the Settings menu.


Step 3: If your Wi-Fi setting is currently Off, tap it to turn it on


Step 4: Once your Wi-Fi is enabled you should see available networks appear below. Secure/Encrypted networks will have a padlock to the right of the name while open networks will not. Tap your network to join.


Step 5: If you choose a network that requires a password, you’ll be prompted to enter it. Type in your password and select Join.


When connected, your network SSID will be indicated in blue with a check mark beside it.


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  • At 2020.09.16 16:02, Greg said:

    I have a dlink router that I want to connect my iPad to. I enter the password into my iPad, and it does not connect. A few times the iPad indicated that there is no internet connection (in yellow text, below the network name), while another computer is still connected to the router via wifi.

    Are you able to steer me in the right directiont to get connected?

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