Aug 23

After upgrading to version 42 of the Chrome browser, you encountered problems loading the Java plug-in due to changes to your Chrome browser security settings.
You may encounter one or more of the following error:
“The Java Runtime Environment cannot be found”



Verifying your Java plug-in using the java verification tool will also give you an error message:
“This plug-in is not supported”



To continue using Chrome to access your camera video using the mydlink™ portal, please follow the steps below:

Step 1.  Open you Chrome browser and type the following in the web address bar:

chrome://flags/#enable-npapi <– you can copy and paste this



Step 2.  The Enable NPAPI option will be highlighted,  click the “Enable” option.


Step 3.  To apply the changes now, click the “Relaunch Now” button found at the bottom of the page.




Step 4. Return to and login. Make sure you click “OK” or “Run” on the the Java security prompt(s) to view your camera video stream.


Windows® 8 or 8.1 users, depending on your firewall settings, you may be prompted in addition with a Windows Security Alert, please select “Allow access” to continue.




You have completed the steps to Enabling the NPAPI support on your updated v42 Chrome browser.


Posted on: 4.17.2015

Updated on: 4.20.2015

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  • At 2020.02.23 08:23, TKE said:

    I tried my every means to contact DLink Technical Support, and even with Escalation, they tried to avoid advising the Timeline for their Roadmap to support its Web Portal ( with new Browser version, they just can’t stick to old and unsecured browsers without upgrading.
    It is quite embarrassing for a establish company not able to advance on this area, only focusing on selling hardware, but without software support, leaving all the problem to Customers who bought their hardware.
    I will not recommend DLink to my Friends, and will spread words around to share their limitations, hope others will not get into same problem as me.
    Will start to plan and change my current DLink cameras, to move out and move on.
    If I happen to be at any roadshows, will share this experience to guide someone who asked, they must check the apps and portal support also.

    • At 2022.02.18 09:19, Miki said:

      Thank you very lot; everything is clear and easy to understand, and everything worked great for me. Again, thank you.

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