Oct 14

In order to view your mydlink™ cam remotely through the mydlink™ portal or using the mydlink™ app, you must register your camera to a mydlink™ account. This is done while running the installation CD or Camera Installer which came supplied with your camera. Please visit http://mydlink.com/support to download the latest installer for your camera.

mydlink™ Web Portal

Step 1: Log into your mydlink™ account at http://mydlink.com

Step 2: Select your mydlink™ camera to view live video.


mydlink™ APP

Step 1: Download and install mydlink™ lite app from app store (for iOS) or Google play (for Android)

Step 2: Log into App with your user mydlink™ username/password

Your Camera(s) are now visible.


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  • At 2019.10.13 11:31, Ludwig Kotzur said:

    Wie kann ich die Uhrzeit der Kamera einstellen ?
    How I can correct the camera time

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