Feb 12

On iOS devices with the mydlink lite app you can record the live video to your phone for up to 3 min.


Step 1: Tap on the camera D-Link DCS-5010L. From the Live View screen, tap on the red circle to start recording.



Step 2: Tap on the red circle again (red square) to stop recording.



Step 3: To view the recordings, open “Photos” on your iPhone/iPad.


Step 4: Select Albums > Camera Roll.



Step 5: Tap on the last video to play.



Note: If you don”t see any recordings in your photos folder, on your iphone go to Settings > Privacy Photos. Make sure mydlink lite is enabled to access your photos.


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  • At 2022.04.26 17:51, Don Johnson said:

    The only way to view my DCS 932L camera and get ‘live’ video is with my iPhone (I can access it with Safari, to set up, but only get single images each time I access Camera or Video).
    Controls on the iPhone work OK except the red button for record.
    Is there something else I need to set somewhere?
    I would like to get motion detection working to find out what animal(?) keeps knocking over my bird table at night!

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