Jan 24

Step 1:

To remove a device from my mydlink that is longer connected or offline, you need to first log into your mydlink account at www.mydlink.com



Step 2:

Select the offline device on the left side. It should be marked with a red X.





Step 3:

Once you have selected the device, in the lower right hand corner you should see “Delete Device…” link.


Step 4:

Click on “Delete Device…” and you will be prompted for your mydlink password. This is your mydlink account password not your device’s password. Enter your mydlink account password, click yes.





Step 5:

Once you have entered your password and clicked yes your device will be deleted from your mydlink account. You will see the following window click done.




Your device should now be removed and detached from your mydlink acount.  Refresh your screen to ensure it is removed from your device list on the left side of your screen.

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  • At 2017.06.28 15:33, CA Taylor said:

    After I did this … the device still shows up as offline on MyDlink Home mobile app …

    • At 2017.06.28 17:39, Joao Brito said:

      I’m facing the same problem. How do I remove a device from mydlink home?

      • At 2017.11.05 15:05, Neil F said:

        Yeh, I need a answer to this also, tried deleting the app and re install but thye still show up.

    • At 2018.08.12 21:17, ariel said:

      How can I recover the device previously registered in my dlink account?

      • At 2018.08.12 21:19, ariel said:

        How can I recover the device previously added in my dlink account?

        • At 2020.01.21 17:00, Vincent said:

          I need to delete a device from the mydlink home app but I am unable to. The devices do not show up on my dlink account page.

          • At 2020.12.29 02:52, Emma said:

            Hey guys, How can I delete computer devices and phones from my D-Link router using my home website?

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