Oct 14

In order to block wireless users through the mydlink app or website your mydlink router must be registered to a mydlink account.

Step 1: Log into your mydlink account at http://mydlink.com


Step 2: Select your router to bring up the Router Status page

Step 3: Under the Connection List, click on the block button to remove the selected user.

Click Apply to confirm the settings.


The selected user will now be blocked from accessing your network/internet and is automatically added to the routers MAC Address Filter.

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  • At 2017.04.26 11:52, Reagan said:

    Number of devices allowed to block from the network filter is 20. How do I extend the number of devices to block to unlimited.

    • At 2020.09.12 04:12, Mohd Shamsudin said:

      how to block user from using my wifi. we using router d-link dir 842.

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