Oct 30

Issue:Java not load when trying to view D-Link camera through the mydlink portal in Mac OS 10.7



Please make sure that you have Java Applet enable on your MAC. To check please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on Go and then Utilities


Step 2: Click on Java Preferences.


Step 3: Select Enable Applet Plug-in and Web Start Application


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  • At 2019.11.30 04:41, jero said:

    Go Control Panel> All Control Panel Items>Java> Advanced> Perform signed code certificate revocation checks on, select “Do not check (not recommended)”
    Then add your IP in the ‘Exception Site List’ under ‘Security’.
    Use the old ‘Intnernet Explorer’ as Browser.
    It works fine under Windows10.
    jr/2019 Nov 30

    PS: if you require the use of the web-browser, you can reconfigure your browser temporarily to ignore the revoked cert. Please note this setting should only be used during the use of camera, and otherwise turned back to default.

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