Jan 25

Jakarta, January 25, 2010 – D-Link International, one of the largest suppliers of networking products, today launched the D-ViewCam Add-ins for the Home Server from Microsoft Windows, software applications that help users simplify and expedite the setting up and accessing security cameras D-Link at the home of every computer in the home network, using a web browser.


“Application of new D-ViewCam for Windows Home Server is very easy and convenient to use, especially at home or in small offices who need free solution to manage security cameras in their neighborhood,” said Desmond Toh, Marketing Director of D-Link International Pte ltd. “Applications that can be downloaded this way simplifies the network device to be recognized and installed into the server, making it easier to adopt a user in the network to homes and offices.”


Record video directly to the server


D-ViewCam software for Windows Home Server allows users to access the protocol monitoring system remotely by simply using a computer with internet access. This application allows users to conduct surveillance, record, play back and stream the video directly using the camera and data storage devices. Video recordings can be recorded directly to the server. This application can contain up to 4 camera view directly in a single screen. The user can also configure the recording schedule and access to recorded video or the streaming from home server using a web browser.


“We are very pleased D-Link continues to expand the value of Windows Home Server through D-ViewCam Add-in”, said Steven Leonard, Microsoft Senior Product Manager for Windows Home Server. “Windows Home Server provides a perfect platform for the solution of D-link monitoring famous, so it can give peace to the users in home and business”.


Pricing and availability


The D-ViewCam Add-ins can be downloaded at http://hq.dlink.com whs and can function perfectly with D-Link network camera models from D-link like the series: DCS-1100, DCS – 1130, DCS-2121 and DCS-920.

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