Dec 28

D-Link has announced that it has become the first manufacturer of networking solutions to achieve compliance with a new international carbon footprint standard. D-Link’s 5-Port (DGS-1005D) and 8-Port (DGS-1008D) Desktop Switches are now certified compliant with ISO/CD 14067-1:20101 and PAS 2050:20082.

These two standards reinforce D-Link’s commitment to energy saving through lowering the carbon footprint of its products and services throughout their entire life cycle—from materials to manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal. In 2005, D-Link became the first corporation to introduce Green networking technology and has always been aware of the importance of making goods or services that are less carbon intensive.

“Since 2005, D-Link has manufactured energy-efficient products by utilizing Green practices and is now extending this initiative to develop products that deliver even better performance using less energy and materials,” said Mr. Jayesh Kotak, VP-Product Marketing, D-Link India Ltd. “As a leading global networking corporation, we are constantly enhancing our R&D capabilities as well as our supply chain to help protect the planet while at the same time maximizing the benefits for our customers.”

Built with D-Link GreenTM technology, the two desktop switches conserve energy by recognizing when a port is active or inactive, and automatically adjusting the power usage based on cable length to save energy without any loss of performance. Consequently, energy can be conserved for the benefit of both the user and the environment.

According to SGS*, for the period April 1 to July 31 2010, the life cycle greenhouse gas information of the DGS-1005D and DGS-1008D are verified by them to provide “a reasonable level of assurance, consistent with the agreed verification scope, objectives and criteria” for product carbon footprint in accordance with ISO/CD 14067-1:2010.

The D-Link GreenTM initiative is D-Link’s assurance to users of its continuing effort to ensure that its consumer and business products adhere to worldwide environmental standards in all aspects of the product cycle. This includes reducing power consumption whenever possible, using recyclable materials for packaging, and recycling unused factory parts.

In showing support for continuing commitment to energy conservation, D-Link is working with suppliers that support Green practices to comply with ISO 14064-13 regulations. Its target is to have its suppliers verified for ISO 14064-1 by October 2011.

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