Apr 07

D-Link has announced two new consumer Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, the DNS-320 and DNS-325. Both feature two bays for 3.5-inch hard drives for a total of up to 4TB of storage.

The DNS-320 has an 800MHz processor while the DNS-325 features a faster 1.2GHz processor plus additional software, including a photo gallery, an audio streamer, and a blogging application. The DNS-325 also has a more rugged housing and has a slightly smaller footprint.


Both the D-Link DNS-320 and DNS-325 support RAID, are DLNA-certified for connecing to other home media devices, and have AFP and Time Machine support. Farstone’s Total Recovery Pro Backup software is also included with both devices, supporting scheduled and incremental network backups.

Pricing and Availability

The D-Link DNS-320 and DNS-325 are available now in North America and are backed by a three-year warranty. The DNS-320 is $109.99 while the DNS-325 is $199.99; disk drives are not included.

D-Link will be launching a DNS-320-110 and DNS-325-110 preconfigured with a 1TB hard drive in May for $199.99 and $279.99, respectively.

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