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D-Link is a computer technology company that manufactures routers, switches, network interface cards, and other network devices.

D-Link’s main website is located at

D-Link Support


D-Link provides technical support for their products through an online support website:

Visit D-Link Support

D-Link Firmware & Driver Download

D-Link provides an online source to download drivers and firmware for their hardware:

Download D-Link firmware and drivers

Unable to locate the D-Link driver or firmware you were looking for? Drivers and firmware direct from D-Link are best but there are several other places to download drivers too.

Not sure how to update the drivers for your D-Link hardware? See How To Update Drivers in Windows for easy driver update instructions.

D-Link Product Manuals

Many of the user guides, instructions, and other manuals for D-Link hardware are available on the D-Link support website:

Download D-Link product manuals

Note: Most manuals are available in PDF format.

D-Link Telephone Support

D-Link provides technical support over the phone. The telephone number you call for support depends on the product you’re calling about.

To find the right number to call, find your product here, click Support Resourceson the product page, then your specific device revision, and finally Contact Info.

I highly recommend reading through my Tips on Talking to Tech Support before calling D-Link tech support.

D-Link Email Support

D-Link provides support via email:

Email D-Link Customer Service

D-Link also offers live chat support via their Intelligent Chat service. The chat service is available on the Contact Info page for your device. See the instructions in the D-Link Telephone Support section above if you need help getting there.

D-Link Forum Support

D-Link also provides a forum as a way to further support their hardware:

Visit the D-Link forum

Additional D-Link Support Options

If you need support for your D-Link hardware but haven’t been successful contacting D-Link directly, see Get More Help for information about contacting me on social networks or via email, posting on tech support forums, and more.

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