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The D-Link DI-704 is a Broadband Home and Small Business Gateway with Four Switched Fast Ethernet Ports. It allows multiple computers to share a cable or DSL Ethernet Internet connection. It provides security as a firewall between a Local Network and the Internet. The DI-704 is targeted at small businesses and home users.


Fast and secure

D-Link offers a generous list of standard features with its DI-704 router. The built-in, auto-sensing, 10/100mbps switch provides each node on the network with a dedicated Ethernet connection, which dramatically boosts performance for bandwidth-intensive applications and multiplayer gaming. Users concerned about network security will appreciate the built-in, NAT-based firewall. While NAT is not an enterprise-level firewall solution, it’s an effective way to hide the IP addresses of the computers on your local network; the router’s IP address is all that’s visible to the Internet.

Dig deeper

The DI-704 router also has something to offer networking gurus. Via the Web-based interface, an administrator can allow or deny access to specific machines and/or ports on any machine in the local network. For example, with the Virtual Server option, you can set up a Web server on your network to accept external requests without exposing the entire machine to the Internet. Telecommuting and virtual private networking (VPN) are also fully supported via the point-to-point tunneling protocol (PPTP) and IPsec pass-through technologies. The DI-704 router even offers a backup serial COM port, which lets you share an Internet connection via an external analog or ISDN modem.

User Reviews

Tom said:

Summary: my first one had persistent problems: it would stop working after about an hour so after hassling with it (it always started working again after about an hour) I called tech support and the guy immediately suggested it was a hardware defect and i exchanged it no questions asked (locally). the replacement has worked fine for 6+ months. easy enough to configure, inexpensive (if you don’t count my time to figure out the problem) and the 4 ports are more than what I need (network printer+mac+_pc). recommended if you buy it locally and can exchange it if it fails within 30 days or so.

Summary: Absolutely the best customer service, and at 3 am to boot. I read a lot of the comments posted here and agree with all the positive and NONE of the negative. The doc’s for the router could have been a little better. My problem was that I didn’t use the “clone MAC address” which a call to customer service revealed and was quickly taken care of. D-Links has absolutely the best CS I have ever called. No questions about where I bought it or was it registered, just good down to earth help. I will be putting D-Link products at the top of my list for new toys wanted!! I only wish I had used their NIC card and not the one from Belkin who has absolutely the worst warranty procedure I have ever encountered!

Summary: I got the router the other day and installed it this morning, OK, yesterday morning technically, around 20 hours ago. EVERYTHING works, printer sharing included and exactly as I imagined it – i.e. neither of my two machines needs to be on for the other to print to the printer. It was a snap to install and get the printer working. I did have a problem configuring the router and I called technical support. The problem turned out to be the fact that I had disabled the DHCP Service in my Windows 2000 on the machine that I chose to configure the router. Thus, it couldn’t pick up an IP from the router. I had no problems getting right through to tech support at the 877 number supplied (toll free), and you get a tech support person from the start = real cool. First guy wasn’t too smart, IMO. He had me try a mess of stuff and finally gave up and said he was going to escalate to a higher level technician and I’d get a call. Meantime I discovered that my other machine could run the configuration program and I set things up. Caveat! When you choose a password (if you DO choose a non-blank password to access router configuration), don’t use more than 9 characters. If you do, only the first 9 are stored and if you try putting in your PW with more than 9 characters, you are rejected. I was about to call them for that (couldn’t login) but I figured it out – put in the first 9. The next guy I got had me assign an IP instead of using DHCP for my problem machine. Then everything worked. While on hold I realized that my printer wasn’t on their website’s list of supported printers for the 704p. Bummer. Why? I asked. My HP4M is certainly designed to work with a print server – it’s primarily a network printer. The technician said I should look for the item in the FAQ on how to set up your printer on the 704p. This does NOT involve using the driver supplied on the CD. It’s just a Windows configuration thing. It works fine. The technician followed up our conversation by sending me a cool email with a number of very useful links. I’d say this is very good tech support. I reenabled the DHCP Service on my number one machine and reset the TCP/IP settings to get an automatically assigned IP and DHCP’s working on both machines now. The pleasantest surprise is that my VPN at work is functioning – no tweaks necessary. Now I’ve got to figure out how to get file sharing working on my LAN. Got a great deal on this, about $40 at after $20 rebate, and I hear it’s available for $40 – $20 MIR right now at Fry’s! What a deal!

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