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D-Link Dir-412 Mobile Broadband Wireless Router Description

The Mobile Wireless Router can be installed quickly and easily ( Plug and Play ) almost anywhere. Simply insert a compatible mobile broadband USB adapter into the DIR-412 to share your Internet connection through a secure, high-speed wireless network.


Wireless gateway router

Wireless routers are essential for any home network that will combine wireless and wired network connections. Assuming that you have broadband service that provides an appropriate broadband modem (DSL or cable), this device can act as a gateway router that will connect your entire household to the internet. It handles requests from one machine in the Local Area Network (LAN – your house) to another and to the internet, and keeps track of which computer asked for what. The modem plugs into the router in a specially-marked port, and then the local computers either physically connect to it or connect to the wireless network which it also handles. It is recommended that desktop systems be connected by physical Ethernet cables, as they are more reliable, while laptops can use the wireless network from anywhere in the house.


The D-Link® Mobile Broadband Wireless Router (D-Link DIR-412) allows users to access worldwide mobile broadband*. Simply insert a compatible mobile broadband USB adapter into the DIR-412 to share your mobile broadband Internet connection through a secure, high-speed 802.11n wireless network. A 10/100 Ethernet WAN port allows you to access a DSL/Cable modem as the primary backup connection. Auto-failover ensures an uninterrupted connection by automatically connecting to your mobile broadband network whenever your Ethernet network goes down.


The DIR-412 ensures a secure Wi-Fi network through the use of WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption. Simply press the WPS button to quickly establish a secure connection to new devices. The DIR-412 also utilizes dual-active firewalls (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks and intrusions from across the Internet.

User Views

Anyone who deals with networking and wireless uses would undoubtedly have chanced upon the determine D-Link, and recently D-Link center East consists of a brand determine new wireless router for the masses – the DIR-412 3.5G Wireless Router. For individuals who are inside the industry for just about any new wireless router, why not look in the D-Link brand determine if you have been producing utilization of other names so far? That is, assuming you are getting problems using another marques, of course, otherwise there is no should reinvent the wheel on this kind of the case.

The D-Link DIR-412 arrives throughout like a diminutive 3.5G router which allows consumers to write about a 3.5G internet link through a secure, high-speed wireless system at any time just one hooks up a 3.5G USB adapter to it. This must acquire people frequent travelers sitting upright at this kind of news, contemplating that it provides unprecedented connectivity options regardless of in which you go – just make particular your 3.5G data-enabled account has limitless information along using the cheaper roaming fees near to beforehand.

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