Aug 17

Like most home broadband routers, the administration screens of D-Link routers are password protected. You will be prompted to log in to a D-Link router whenever accessing its home page via its IP address.

A default administrator user name and password is set on the router when it is first shipped from the factory. The default login information for D-Link routers varies depending on the model as shown below.

Default user names:

All D-Link routers: admin
Default passwords:
D-Link DI-514 and DI-524, DI-604, DI-704, DI-804:
All other D-Link routers: admin
Note: You can change these default settings on the router at any time after logging in, but this is not required.

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  • At 2018.11.25 16:46, Amanda D. said:

    Nice share, very helpful.
    I consider changing the default password is very important for security reasons. Another thing worth mentioning is that if you change the router password using a wireless connection, you will be logged off after you save the changes.

    • At 2019.08.06 16:13, fahim said:


      I have D’link 853, and the default admin password is written back of the router.
      The thing is during wall installation the back of the router password colored and not visible now.

      Now i can’t login to router without admin password even if i reset i have to use the password first time to login.

      Is there any solution for this situation.


      • At 2022.07.27 18:44, Dlink Admin Logga In – Sweden Logga In said:

        […] D-Link Default Passwords Login credentials for router … […]

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