Feb 26

Some people asked the D-Link DI-524 often disconnected,How to solve it?Upgrade the hardware version is the best choice.

WARNING: DO NOT upgrade the firmware with a wireless connection. You will damage the router. Also, your current settings may be lost after upgrading.

Step 1: Download the firmware at http://dlink.com/support and save the file to your computer.Now the D-Link DI-524 hardware version is E(5.10).

Step 2: Open your browser, enter the IP address of your router ( and click OK.

Step 3: Enter your username (admin) and leave the password field blank, which is the default password. Click OK to enter the web configuration for the device.If you forget password check here to reset DI-524

Step 4: Click on the Tools tab and then the Firmware button on the left side. Click on the Browse button and browse to the .bin file you downloaded in Step 1. Highlight the file by clicking on it once and click Open. Click Apply. It will take a few seconds for the upgrade to complete. Click on the Continue button.

Step 5: After the router reboots, close your web browser and reopen it. Enter to reconnect with the web configuration. Enter username admin and again leave the password blank. Click OK. The firmware upgrade is now complete.

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