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D-Link DI-524 802.11g/2.4GHz Manual Including:

▲Package Contents


▲Wireless Basics

▲Networking Basics


▲Technical Specifications

▲Frequently Asked Questions

▲Contacting Technical Support

▲Warranty and Registration

There are some common questions,you can find these questions from the DI-524 Manual:

1.The computer used to configure the DI-524 cannot access the Configuration menu.

2.The wireless client cannot access the Internet in the Infrastructure mode.

3.Check that the drivers for the network adapters are installed properly.

4.Why does my wireless connection keep dropping?

5.Why can’t I get a wireless connection?

6.Resetting the DI-524 to Factory Default Settings

7.Why can´t I access the web based configuration?

8.How can I setup my router to work with a Cable modem connection?

9.How can I setup my router to work with Earthlink DSL or any PPPoE connection?

10.How do I open ports on my router?

11.How do I configure the DMZ Host?

12.How do I open a range of ports on my DI-524 using Firewall rules?

13.How do I use PC Anywhere with my DI-524 router?

14.How can I use eDonkey behind my DI-524 router?

15.How do I set up my DI-524 router for SOCOM on my Playstation 2?

16.How can I use Gamespy behind my DI-524 router?

17.How do I configure my DI-524 router for KaZaA and Grokster?

18.How do I configure my DI-524 router to play Warcraft 3?

19.How do I use NetMeeting with my DI-524 Router?

20.How do I set up my DI-524 router to use iChat?

Download the Manual:


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      como devo proceder para bloquer minha internet, pra que outra pessoa não acesse ?

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