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D-Link DIR-412 Hardware Overview:


1.Mode Switch
Use this switch to change between WAN mode and 3G Router mode.

2.Ethernet Port
In WAN mode the Ethernet port is used to connect to your WAN connection. In 3G mode the Ethernet port is used to connect to your LAN connection.

3.Power Receptor
Receptor for the supplied power adapter.

Pressing the Reset button restores the router to its original factory default settings.


1.Power LED
Lights orange during bootup. Lights green when D-Link DIR-412 router has booted up. A solid green light indicates a proper connection to the power supply. If the LED blinks orange the system has failed.

2.Internet LED
A solid green light indicates a successful 3G connection. A solid orange light indicates a 3G error, a WAN failure, or a system failure. A blinking green light indicates that the WAN connection is enabled when the Router is operating in WAN mode.

A solid green light indicates that the wireless segment is ready. This LED blinks during wireless data transmission.

4.Ethernet LED
A solid green light indicates that a link has been established. This LED blinks during data transmission.

5.WPS Button
Press the WPS button for 1 second to initiate the WPS process. The button will flash blue while a WPS connection is being established. The button will light blue for 120 seconds (2 minutes) if a successful WPS connection has been made.

6.3G USB Connection
Connect your 3G USB adapter to this port if you want to use a 3G Internet connection.

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  • At 2012.10.28 23:32, Andrew Gee said:

    Hi, I have a DLink DIR 412, which I currently use to access the Internet, via a 3G USB modem, which is plugged into it.
    I also have a DLink DIR 632 wireless N 8-port router, which I would like to connect to my DIR 412 network (named GEELAN3), simply so that I can connect a USB printer to it, and hopefully provide network access to it.

    How on earth do I achieve this?

    Is it possible to connect the DIR 412 & DIR 632 in some way, so that I can provide network access to my printer, via the 632, while also providing wifi Internet access via the 412….?

    All suggestions gratefully accepted!



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