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This section of the setup is an advanced version of the quick setup. If you want to make specific configurations to your modem such as creating a SNMP, etc., consider going through this advanced setup for a more comprehensive configuration.

The ADSL settings page contains modulation and capability settings. Consult your ISP to determine the correct settings. Click Apply if you are finished or click on Advanced Settings if you want to configure other advanced settings.

D-Link DSL- 31 2320B ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB Modem User ADSL Settings

The test mode can be selected from the ADSL Advanced Settings page. Test modes include normal, reverb, medley, no retrain, and L3. After you make your selection, click on Apply to save these settings first before you go to Tone Selection.

ADSL Tone Settings

The frequency band of ADSL is split into 256 separate tones, each spaced 4.3125 kHz apart. Each tone carries separate data, so the modem operates as if 256 separate modems were running in parallel. The tone range is from 0 to 31 for upstream and from 32 to 255 for downstream. Do not change these settings unless directed by your ISP.

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