Jan 27

If this is your first time installing the router, open your web browser. You will automatically be directed to the Wizard Setup Screen.


If this is your first time logging into the router, this wizard will start automatically.

This wizard is designed to guide you through a step-by-step process to configure your new D-Link router and connect to the Internet. Click Next to continue.


Please wait while your router detects your internet connection type. If the router detects your Internet connection, you may need to enter your ISP information such as username and password.


If the router does not detect a valid Ethernet connection from the Internet port, this screen will appear. Connect your broadband modem to the Internet port and then click Try Again.


If the router detects an Ethernet connection but does not detect the type of Internet connection you have, this screen will appear. Click Guide me through the Internet Connection Settings to display a list of connection types to choose from.


Select your Internet connection type and click Next to continue.


If the router detected or you selected PPPoE, enter your PPPoE username and password and click Next to continue.
Note: Make sure to remove your PPPoE software from your computer. The software is no longer needed and will not work through a router.


If the router detected or you selected PPTP, enter your PPTP username, password, and other information supplied by your ISP. Click Next to continue.


If the router detected or you selected L2TP, enter your L2TP username, password, and other information supplied by your ISP. Click Next to continue.


If the router detected or you selected Static, enter the IP and DNS settings supplied by your ISP. Click Next to continue.


For both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz segments, create a wireless network a name (SSID) using up to 32 characters.

Create a wireless security passphrase or key (between 8-63 characters).Your wireless clients will need to have this passphrase or key entered to be able to connect to your wireless network.Click Next to continue.


In order to secure your router, please enter a new password. Check the Enable Graphical Authentication box to enable CAPTCHA authentication for added security. Click Next to continue.


Select your time zone from the drop-down menu and click Next to continue.


The Setup Complete window will display your wireless settings. Click Save and Connect to continue.


If you want to create a bookmark to the router, click OK. Click Cancel if you do not want to create a bookmark.


If you clicked Yes, a window may appear (depending on what web browser you are using) to create a bookmark.


To use the mydlink service (mydlink.com or the mydlink Lite app), you must have an account. Select if you do have a mydlink account or if you need to create one. Click Next to continue.If you do not want to register at this time, click Cancel.


If you clicked Yes, enter your mydlink account name (email address) and password. Click Login to register your router.


If you clicked No, fill out the requested information and click Next to create your mydlink account.


Once your account information is entered, click Login.


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