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The following article is for for most Cable connections such as Adelphia, AOL (Earthlink), ATnT, Cox, Comcast, Charter, Knology, Optimum Online (Cablevision), RCN, RoadRunner (Time Warner), and Rogers.

If you have trouble connecting to your modem, you may need to lock the speed down on the WAN port of your router to 10Mbps.

In the web-based configuration utility for the D-Link DIR-655, go to Tools > Misc and the option to select the WAN speed will be towards the bottom.

Step 1: Login the web-based configuration by typing in the IP address of the router (default: in your web browser. The username is admin  and the password is blank (nothing).

If the router is already online, you will be taken to the STATUS page after logging in. If this is the case, the router is connected and you do not need to continue with this FAQ.

Step 2: Click the Setup tab and then click the Internet button.


Step 3: Click Manual Configure.


Step 4: Dynamic IP Address is the default value, however, if Dynamic IP Address is not selected as the WAN type, select Dynamic IP Address from the drop down menu. Click Clone Mac Address. Click on Save Settings to save the changes.


Step 5: Click on Status. Under WAN, Click DHCP Renew. If it does not get an IP address or times out, then continue with Step 6.

Step 6: Power cycle the cable modem and router using the following steps:

  • Turn the cable modem off (first)
  • Turn the router off
  • Leave them off for 2 minutes**
  • Turn the cable modem on (first)
  • Wait until you get a solid cable light on the cable modem
  • Turn the router on
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Step 7: Follow Step 1 again to log back into the web configuration. Click the Status tab and click the Device Info button. If you do not already have a public IP address under the WAN heading, click on the DHCP Renew button.

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