Nov 28

DDNS will allow you to access your public IP address by domain name. The DDNS feature updates your public IP address with the DDNS provider each time it renews.

Step 1 Open a web browser and type the IP address of the gaming router in the address bar (default is Press Enter.

Step 2 The default password is blank (nothing). Click Log In.


Step 3 Click Tools at the top and then click Dynamic DNS on the left side.


Step 4 Select the Dynamic DNS Enabled checkbox and configure the following:

  • Server Address – Select the DDNS provider that you registered with
  • Host Name – Enter the domain name that you registered (i.e.
  • Username or Key – Enter the username for your DDNS account
  • Password or Key – Enter the password for your DDNS account
  • Verify Password or Key – Confirm the password for your DDNS account
  • Timeout – Enter the timeout (in hours) in which the gaming router will update your DDNS account if your IP address has not changed

Step 5 Click Save Settings at the top to apply the DDNS settings.

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