Nov 11

1. Open your wireless network utility that displays available wireless networks.

2. Select the Wi-Fi Network name you assigned in the wizard and connect.

Note: If you did not change the Wi-Fi settings or you reset the router to its default settings, refer to the Wi-Fi Configuration Card included for the default Wi-Fi Network Name and Wi-Fi Password.

D-Link-DGL-5500L-router-connect1 D-Link-DGL-5500L-router-connect2

You can also connect using WPS:

1. Press the WPS button on the DGL-5500L for three seconds.
2. Within one minute press the WPS button on your wireless device.
3. Allow up to two minutes to connect.

Note: Some devices may require you to log in to a utility to start the WPS process. Refer to the user manual of the device you want.

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