Jun 18

Note: This example will demonstrate how to configure a LAN-to-LAN IPSec VPN tunnel between two D-Link DIR-130/DIR-330.

In this example:

Local Network is on
Remote Network is on

Configuration of Local Network

Step 1: Open your web browser and type in the IP address of the DIR-130 router ( by default). Enter the username (admin by default) and password (blank by default), and then click OK.

Step 2: Click on SETUP and select VPN SETTINGS. Choose IPSec from the ADD VPN PROFILE dropdown menu and click Add.


Step 3: Configure the IPSec VPN as followed:

Enable Settings: check box to enable
Name: enter a name for the VPN
Encapsulation Mode: Tunnel
Remote IP: select Site to Site and enter the remote Gateway
Remote Local LAN Net /Mask: enter the remote LAN network and Subnet Mask
Authentication Protocol: enter a Pre-shared Key (must be the same as the Remote Side)
Phase 1 IKE Proposal List: leave as is
NAT-T Enabled: leave as is
PFS: check to enable
Phase 2 IPSec Proposal List: leave as is.



Step 4: Click Save Settings.

Configuration of Remote Network.

Note: Both sides cannot be on the same subnet.

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