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Note: SMTP uses a standard port which is port 25. There isn´t an option to add or change the port. If your SMTP server uses a port other than port 25 then it will not be compatible.

The following instructions provide an example of how Email Settings on D-Link DIR-660 should be setup, the default port used is 25.

Step 1: Log into the router.

Note: For the DIR model routers, the Email Settings can be found under the TOOLS tab.


Step 2: Click the checkbox next to Enable Email Notification.

Step 3: Configure the following under the EMAIL SETTINGS section:


•From Email Address: Enter in an address where you would like the email to show from.
•To Email Address: Enter where you would like the email to be sent.
•SMTP Server Address: Enter the SMTP server address.
•Enable Authentication: If your server requires authentication, click the checkbox.
•Account Name: Enter the required information.
•Password: Enter the required information.

Step 4: Finally, you can have the log emailed to you when it is full by checking the On Log Full: option and/or use a schedule that was previously created to email the log to the email address that was provided.


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  • At 2013.05.05 21:23, Turd Furgesson said:

    The lack of support for email on ports other than port 25, combined with most email providers eliminating port 25 support means that the advertised support for emailing logs is not true.

    I will be purchasing and returning your routers in a rotation until all retailers cease allowing you to make this claim.

    Remove this article.

    • At 2016.11.07 11:38, Karin said:

      I receive new and old snapshots in same email notifications. How can I correct this?
      Thanks in advance for your assistance

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