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MAC Address Control

This D-Link DI-704P provides two features in MAC Address Control: Fixed IP Mapping and Connection Control. Both these features are MAC level. You can enable these features by checking the “Enable” box.

Fixed IP Mapping

This feature let you assign the MAC address and IP address mappings. Each client in the “Control table” will get the IP address mapping to its MAC address. If you don´t want to assign a fixed IP to a specific client, please leave the IP address blank.

Connection control

Connection control allows you to allow or deny the clients to connect to this DI-704P and the Internet. Check “Connection control” to enable the controlling. If a client is denied to connect to this device, it means that the client can´t access the Internet and some network resources . Choose “allow” or “deny” to allow or deny clients whose MAC addresses are not listed in the “Control table”.

When a client CAN “Connect” to this D-Link DI-704P, it means that it can have full access to the Internet and network resources.
When a client CAN NOT “Connect” to this device, it means that it CAN:
Communicate with the other clients on the LAN
●Connect to the Internet
●Use the Print Server function
●Use the Web configuration

Control table

“Control table” is at the bottom of the “MAC Address Control” page. Each row of this table indicates the MAC address and the mapped IP address of a client. The columns in this table are:

    MAC Address Indicates a specific client´s MAC address.
    IP Address Expected IP address of the corresponding client. Leave it blank if you don´t want to assign a specified IP address to the corresponding client.
    C When “Connection control” is enabled, checking “C” will allow the corresponding client to “Connect” to this device.

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To make this setup page simple and clear, we have divided the “Control table” into several pages. You can use these buttons to navigate to different pages.


    Item Setting
    MAC Address Control Enable
    Connection control Clients with C checked can connect to this device; and
    unspecified MAC addresses to connect.
    ID MAC Address IP Address C
    1 192.168.50.
    2 192.168.50.
    3 192.168.50.
    4 192.168.50.


In this scenario, there are two clients listed in the Control Table.
The “MAC Address Control” function is enabled.

“Connection control” is enabled, and all of the clients not listed in the “Control table” are “allowed” to connect to this device.
Client 1 has a fixed IP address either from the DHCP server of this device or manually assigned:
ID 1 – “00-12-34-56-78-90” –>
Client 2 will obtain its IP address from the IP Address pool specified in the “DHCP Server” page or can use a manually assigned static IP address.

If, for example, client 1 tries to use an IP address different from the address listed in the Control table (, it will be denied to connect to this device.

Clients 2 and other clients with a MAC address unspecified in the Control table are all allowed to connect to this device. But client 1 is denied to connect to D-Link DI-704P.

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