Apr 24

Connect a Wireless Network Using Windows 7 on D-Link DI-604 Router.

It is recommended to enable wireless security (WPA/WPA2) on your wireless router or access point before configuring your wireless adapter. If you are joining an existing network, you will need to know the security key or passphrase being used.

1. Click on the wireless icon in your system tray (lower-right corner).


2. The utility will display any available wireless networks in your area.


3. Highlight the wireless network (SSID) you would like to connect to and click the Connect button.
If you get a good signal but cannot access the Internet, check your TCP/IP settings for your wireless adapter. Refer to the Networking Basics section in this manual for more information.

4. The following window appears while your computer tries to connect to the router.


5.Enter the same security key or passphrase that is on your router and click Ok.It may take 20-30 seconds to connect to the wireless network. If the connection fails, please verify that the security settings are correct. The key or passphrase
must be exactly the same as on the wireless router.


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