Nov 18

Step 1: Log into the DSR interface. The default IP address is (eg.



Step 2: Click the Tools Tab on the top, Click Admin > Remote Management on the left side



Step 3: Enable Remote Management and Click Save Settings



Step 4: Click the Advanced Tab on the top, click Users on the left side and select Groups

Step 5: Click Add


Step 6: Configure your group:

  • Name: The Name of the group (ie. Tech Support)
  • Domain: SSLVPN
  • Idle Timeout: The Timeout value of the group (eg. 10)

Step 7: Select Users on the left and click Users


Step 8: Click Add


Step 9: Create User

  • Username: username for login (eg. tsmith)
  • First Name: Users Name (eg. Tom)
  • Last Name: Users Last Name (eg. Smith)
  • User Type: SSLVPN
  • Select Group: created group (ie. Tech Support)
  • Password: password for VPN login
  • Confirm Password:
  • Idle Timeout: The timeout value of the user (eg. 5)A10120_image9

Step 10: Click Setup on the top and VPN Settings>SSL VPN Server>Resources on the left side


Step 11: Place a Check next to the SSL VPN Resource and click Configure


Step 12: Configure:

  • Object Type: Select the Access for SSL User (ie. Single IP or Network)
  • Object Address: Single IP address or Network (eg.
  • Mask Length: Netmask of network (eg. 24)
  • Port Range: Ports that can be accessed by SSL Users
    • Begin: 0
    • End: 65535

Note: In this example, SSL VPN users can access the entire 192.168.10.x network and have access to all ports.

Step 13:Click Setup on the top and VPN Settings>SSL VPN Server>SSL VPN Policies on the left side

Step 14: Click Add



Step 15: Configure VPN Policy:

  • Policy For: Select who the policy is for (eg. Group)
  • Available Groups: Select the Group to apply this policy (eg. Tech Support)
  • Apply Policy to: Network Resource
  • Policy Name: Enter name for Policy (eg. SSL VPN)
  • Define Resources: Your SSL Resource (Eg. SSL) (From Step 9)
  • Permission: Permit

Connecting to the SSL VPN:

Step 1: Open an internet browser
Step 2: Enter the DSR’s public/WAN address into the address bar and click Go (eg.
Step 3: At the DSR Login Screen, enter your SSL Username and Password and click login



Step 4: Click on the VPN Tunnel Tab at the top
Step 5: Click the SSL VPN Icon to launch the installer


Once the installer launches it will automatically connect to your SSL VPN.


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