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The Access Control section allows you to control access in and out of your network. Use this feature as Parental Controls to only grant access to approved sites, limit web access based on time or dates, and/or block access from applications like P2P utilities or games.


Add Policy:Click the Add Policy button to start the Access Control Wizard.

Access Control Wizard:

Click Next to continue with the wizard.


Enter a name for the policy and then click Next to continue.


Select a schedule (I.E. Always) from the drop-down menu and then click Next to continue.


Enter the following information and then click Next to continue.

• Address Type – Select IP address, MAC address, or Other Machines.
• IP Address – Enter the IP address of the computer you want to apply the rule to.


Select the filtering method and then click Next to continue.


Enter the rule:

Enable – Check to enable the rule.
Name – Enter a name for your rule.
Dest IP Start – Enter the starting IP address.
Dest IP End – Enter the ending IP address.
Protocol – Select the protocol.
Dest Port Start – Enter the starting port number.
Dest Port End – Enter the ending port number.


To enable web logging, click Enable.

Click Save to save the access control rule.

Your newly created policy will now show up under Policy Table.


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