Jan 16

This article teaches you VPN config about D-Link Firewall and DI-804HV,With the DFL-800 as an example.

1. Go to “System” → “DNS” and enter a working DNS server IP, here we use our ISP’s DNS server.


2. Go to “System” → “Misc. Clients” → “Add” to add a DDNS client, here we choose dyndns.org DDNS client.


3. Then enter the full domain name and your account info.


4. Go to “Objects” → “Address book”, previously, we use an IP on the remote gateway, here, just change the IP to the domain name, here we assume the other side (DI-804HV also uses DDNS and has the domain test1.dyndns.org setup). Click on the “remote-gw” object, and modify the IP to “dns:test1.dyndns.org”. Make sure “dns:” is entered before the domain name.


5. In DI-804HV, just replace the remote gateway IP to the DDNS domain name we set up in D-Link DFL-800 (test.dyndns.org)


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  • At 2010.01.18 09:00, Jim said:

    Thanks,This is very helpful to me.

    • At 2010.11.25 13:15, serdari said:

      how to congigure D-link DSL-2740B router for VPN connectivity..?

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